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    Post Guide: XBox 360 Hack - Free60 Homebrew With No Chip Needed

    Today French site (linked above) has published a guide based on the Free60 Exploit and the work of

    For those seeking to give it a try, to quote: "We're going to explain you the Free60 exploit, which consists in launching decrypted code (hello word) on a Xbox 360 system.

    Once this bug has been well exploited, It will be possible, in a near future, to use your Xbox 360 as a media center, and for example lauch XBMC, or homebrews (megadrive, SNES emulators, and others) and maybe Xbox 360 games from the hard disk as well, everything a Xbox 1st generation did but more powerfully !

    But before being there, there is a long way to do, even if the basis is here : it's now possible to load decrypted code on Xbox 360 system. It's been for 4years we have waiting for this huge news !

    This tutorial is written in order to explain the way to hack you Xbox 360. No chips needed !

    What you need :

    -a Xbox 360 XENON system
    -parallel port adaptater
    -NAND Pro, available here :
    -solder gear
    -a PC with parallel port (printer port)
    -three 330 Ohms resistances

    Let's Go ! :

    1 - 1 - Open up your Xbox 360 system

    You can find the tutorial here :

    2 - link the motherboard solder points to the parallel port ones :

    3 - Download and install the NAND Pro, available in download here : Then unzip the package, and install the port95nt.exe

    You must reboot your PC. Once on Windows, launch a CMD MsDOS (start, run, cmd, then press enter). Run in the unzipped directory : NandPro.exe, writing in the CMD : NandPro.exe lpt: -r16 nand.bin

    NandPro is going to test all you parallel ports, and recover you system Nand. Make sure you keep it
    With a parallel port, the operation can take 30mins. Once the thing is done, you should get your nand.bin, about 16Mb

    Operation success !

    Now you can Write the nand, by a hacked one (xenon_hack.bin for example), typing : NandPro.exe lpt: -w16 nand.bin



    Guide: XBox 360 Hack - Free60 Homebrew With No Chip Needed

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    The tutorial is well written, but they blatantly took relapse's photo and tried to put their watermark over his without his permission. Otherwise, it's a nice guide.

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    too bad its only the xenon boards, id live to just straight flash one of my HDMI units.