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    Final Fantasy XIII in Last Stage of Development for US & Europe

    Today Square Enix global president Yoichi Wada has revealed that development on Final Fantasy XIII has been "going very steadily" for the US ane European versions and that they're "just adding the final touches" to the game.

    To quote: "We've completed the master of the Japanese version, and for the US and European versions we're just adding the final touches," Wada told "The last stage of development has gone very smoothly this time.

    "It took us a tremendous amount of time to develop the software for this generation, so that's a lesson for the creators."

    Perhaps Final Fantasy XIII will launch much sooner than we thought? We'll have to see come this Friday, when both a US and European announcement will be made on the game.

    Final Fantasy XIII in Last Stage of Development for US & Europe

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    That's great! I was thinking it would be released some time in the summer, but with this i'm thinking a spring release is possible.

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    Cool! I hope for a Spring release ^^

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    I am quite full of hope on this, but would a March release be out of expectations?
    I think so, but I can't get my hopes down ^^

    Friday, we'll know, or so I hope (again ^^)
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