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FAQ - Everything and Anything 360 (well.. flashing, hacking, appz etc)

Firmware and Mod Chips

What is firmware?
A firmware is software that is embedded into a hardware device. Some cleaver hackers worked out that M$ hadn’t signed the 360 drive’s firmware, which allowed hackers to use their own. In a nutshell, by flashing your 360’s drive with the modified firmware, you are able to play backups as well as originals.

How does it work?
When detection of a DVD+R DL media is inserted, the modified firmware tells the console to play the media, whereas before hand the original firmware only told the console to play a game when a pressed XBOXDVD was used. All DVD media (DVD-R, DVD+R DL etc) was shown as DVD Movie or Data, and the CD format as either Data or Audio.

The modified firmware also allows a new location for the SS keys to be read at. Modified firmware code reads the SS keys at location PSN FD021E (layer 1) and PSN 04FB1F (layer 0) so that originals can still be read and backups can be booted.

What about Homebrew?
Not as the moment. The firmware is only able to trick the console into playing the backups; it cannot play unsigned code.

Is there a mod chip? Is a chip the best way to go?
Previously mod chips were made which disabled the BIOS of the console (i.e. Xbox1 mod-chips). Mod-chips bypass or replace the console’s BIOS and use their own. Mod chips currently for the Xbox360 are for the DVD ROM. The chip turns on when a backup is placed in the tray and turns off when an original is used. This allows for playing on Xbox live with original software. EDIT – It’s now believed that the mod chips DO NOT allow you to play backup on Xbox Live. Use at own risk.

Mod chips for the Xbox360 available – NME 360, NME v1.2, Xeno 360, All 360

All current mod chips require that the DVD ROM drive be dismantled and wires soldered onto the DVD ROM board. Depending on your drive the amount of wires can be from 4 to 11.

Is this the best way to go?
It depends, flashing the drive is easy as long as you take your time and think about everything twice. That’s if you want to get your hands dirty. But if you are going to get an external professional to mod the console and it’s going to cost you, then you could always go for the mod chip. Newer mod chips should allow easy updating of the firmware, but check first with the mod chip makers. This in theory would allow the basic user to update their firmware using PC software and without the need of opening the console.

What about Microsoft’s detection methods?
I don’t know how many times I need to say this. But it’s my personal belief, at present, that there is no firmware that can fully protect you from banning. Microsoft has the upper hand and has a team dedicated to cracking down on piracy and modifications to the console. At present use any modified firmware at your own risk on Xbox live. Every firmware developer has stated “use on Xbox live at own risk”.

The Firmware Developers

The Specialist
The Specialist is believed to be the first one (with a team of six other hackers) to create modified firmware for the console. A video was uploaded onto a video-sharing site showing an opened xbox360 playing a Xbox 360 backup of PGR. Due to possible legal lawsuits and improper usage of his firmware, The Specialist (and his team) decided to not release this firmware.

Commodore4Eva was the first to release the modified firmware for the Samsung drives to the public. A number of revisions have since been made. Each revision included various updates and bug fixes. Many features included SS, PFI and DMI extraction, Improved media speed, ‘FirmGuard’, Stealth (backups appear exactly as originals) and recently single layer backups and disc jitter.

Recently a new stripped down version has been release by C4E made especially for Xbox live users. It’s said to feature no SS extraction or any of the features used for backups to be made. It is only to boot up your backups. It believed that the extra features are what M$ could detect. – Note C4E has also stated that using this firmware “on Xbox Live at own risk”

Latest version for Xtreme Firmware is 5.3.
Latest version for iXtreme firmware is 1.2b

‘GaryOPA’ has worked on the Hitachi firmware. Due to Commodore3Eva’s other commitments and the growing work needed for the Hitachi drives, C4E decided to stop working on the Hitachi firmware. Due to the many different versions of the Hitachi drives, each drive’s firmware needed to be modified.

OPA and a few other hackers from the xboxhacker site started work on the Hitachi firmware. Incorporating ideas from the Samsung firmware and adding it to the Hitachi firmware, the Hitachi was released. Future revisions included SS extraction, ‘modeb’ without having to use pin trick (dangerous) or Linux, and Stealth (however this is different than the C4E Samsung firmware).

Other hackers to work on the Hitachi firmware are Birdy, GaryOPA, Geremia, and Maximus.

For drives v78-79
Recommended latest version is Maximus 360FW Toolbox v3.1B repack with Garyopa Hitachi-LG Xtreme v1.7

For drives v32-59
Recommended latest version is Commodore4Eva Xtreme Hitachi-LG v2.4

It’s believed that using this firmware will get you banned on Xbox Live. Use at own risk.

This firmware is NOT for the Xbox 360 DVD ROM. It is for the Samsung SH-D162C / 163A DVD ROM. When flashed with Kreon’s firmware it will allow Xbox360 original game discs to be read with your PC. Kreon released this firmware to the joy of the backup community as it allowed us to backup original games with the Samsung DVD ROM. Kreon has stated that only these drives will work. Possible other Samsung drives may be on the cards, but so far nothing more has been released.

Latest version for the SH-D162C is v1.00
Latest version for the SH-D163A (TS-H353A) is v1.00

Read down further for more information regarding this drive.


Which are the best programs to use for burning?
If making 1:1 copies Clone CD is fine. You can copy a backup from a backup using Clone CD ‘Copy CD’ feature. If you have made the image yourself, then the program that you used may have a burning feature. Xbox Backup Creator does and it works fine. If you have incompatibly between the program and your burner, either try a new burning program or even a new burner.

Recommended burning programs – Clone CD, DVD Decrypter, Xbox Backup Creator

What type of media should I use?
After the recent banning on Xbox Live, it’s safe to say that all media should be on DVD+R DL (dual layer). Xbox1 games may be burnt onto DVD-+ R, but only with the Samsung drive with Xtreme firmware 5.0+. Read below for more details.

What brands of media should I use?
It all depends on what your console likes. I use Ritek (RiData) and never have a problem with them. Some choose Verbatim, some use cheap media. Try a burn and see how it goes. Better still try an expensive brand first to make sure that the backup you’ve created is a working image.

Recommended brands include Verbatim, Ritek (Ridata) and even cheaper brands. Just suck and see.

What is the best burner to use?
Some of the best burners include the Pioneer brand. Though some people have had success with other drives too. Sometimes only certain models of each brand will result in a successful burn.

Recommended burners include Pioneer, NEC, LiteOn, Sony and pretty much any really

What is ‘Bitsetting’
For backups to work, ‘Bitsetting’ must be enabled. ‘Bitsetting’ makes the media to be recognised by your device. Early DVD Players made before mid 2004 would not recognise the DVD+R DL book type.

When your burner completes the burn its ‘booktype’ is set to whatever media is used i.e. DVD-R is ‘booktyped’ DVD-R, DVD+R DL is ‘booktyped’ DVD+R DL.

So ‘bitsetting’ changes the ‘booktype’ to the standard DVD-ROM, which fools older devices that aren’t able to recognise the newer ‘booktype’, to play the media.

You need your burner to at least ‘bitswap’ DVD+R DL media, as that is what you’ll be using on the console.

Check with the manufacture of your burner to see if ‘bitsetting’ is already enabled on your drive. The manufacture of the burner may have a ‘bitsetting’ firmware available on their site otherwise ‘google’ (or search engine of choice) ‘your drive model ‘bitsetting’ firmware’. A 3rd party firmware/hack may be available.

EDIT – For users of the Samsung drives, Xtreme v3.1 onwards included Booktype overwrite patch which meant that ‘bitsetting’ isn’t needed anymore.

I’m still confused on what to get?
Overall the general best burner vs. brand is the Pioneer A11 (or 111 in USA) and Verbatim DVD+R DL media burnt at 2.4X speed. New models are being released all the time, so it shouldn’t matter. I’ve use an A09 and A11 and both work great. Bitsetting is already enabled for dual layer media [but check just in case].

How do I copy backups?
Use a DVD to DVD coping program such as Clone CD. Backups that have already been patched and working on your console will copy easy.

But you can play xbox1 game on single layer?
Yes that is true, but currently only working for the Samsung Xbox360 drives. The firmware version is 5.0 onwards. The firmware will only play previous burnt (if supported) backups if they were built with ‘GDFimage’ or another builder based on that. This is still in the early stages of development, and due to recent bans may be discarded from future firmware revisions.

Security Sectors and Stealth Sectors

What is a SS KEY?
The SS key is the Security Sector. All game originals and backups have a Security Sector. With modified firmware, it reads the SS key at both locations to allow originals and backups to both work.

So what’s the big deal about SS keys?
SS keys are needed to make a backup work. No SS key, the Xbox360 backup will not boot. A SS key is set to that game.

Can’t I just get my SS key from the game?
No, it’s a challenge / response protocol made by the console and the drive connected. You cannot find the SS keys within the game image. I’ve tried and was missing 24 bytes, which is made from the challenge/response protocol.

I’m confused. What is the challenge / response protocol?
It’s when the drive and original game work together to create the SS key via a series of timing response.

Let’s make it easy to understand. The console asks the disc a question (challenge) to which the disc answers (response) back. This happens a few times and is outputted to make the SS key. It’s a very crud way of explaining it, but you’ll see that a program or standard PC DVD ROM drive cannot make the SS key. That is why the SS keys can be different from one another when taken from the same disc. It’s the timing process and too much to explain for this short FAQ.

Why do I have to use the original 360 drive, can’t I use my PC DVD ROM drive?
As explained above it’s to do with the challenge / response protocol which is coded into the firmware. Standard PC DVD ROM drives do not have this firmware unless you have the Samsung SH-D162C [IDE] or the SH-D163A (TS-H353A) [SATA] flashed with Kreon’s firmware.

Read down below for more information regarding this drive

What is a Stealth Sector (PFI and DMI)
Stealth Sectors are used to make the backup appear like the original. The following may only relate to the Samsung drives. But it’s my belief that even the Hitachi drives are not in the clear.

As stated by Commodore4eva, the Stealth is Stealth Media, not stealth firmware (not undetectable by M$). Stealth is about making the backup appear to the Xbox360 exactly the same as an original. It was believed that even though the SS keys is there, there remained a number of difference on the backup that could be detectable by M$ when using pre-stealth backups.

What is PFI
The PFI is Physical Format Information. This sector is contained within the lead-in and contains information such as the disc’s booktype, the start PSN and end PSN, and the Layerbreak location.

All PFI are currently the same, though we have seen slight differences.

What is DMI
The DMI is Disc Manufacturing Information. This sector is contained within the lead-in and contains information about the Disc Manufacturer, detailing Company name, batch id.

All DMI are different from one another. It is believed that this could be detected, as previous pre-stealth firmware returned blank information.

What is the Video Partition?
Early pre-stealth firmware used a blank video partition, as it isn’t needed for the backup to boot. However due to recent bans, the standard video partition should be used. Pre-stealth Samsung firmware used a blank video partition and may be detectable by M$.

What does the Video partition look like?
Place an original xbox360 game into the DVD player and watch.

How do I extract the SS, PFI, DMI, and Video Partition?
This is program based so please read below

Tools of the trade

What is WxRipper
Latest version is v1.2
This program was one of the first programs to allow backups to be made, even before we were able to play them. There are tutorials out there that explain the process better so check those out. But briefly, using a commercial brought DVD movie (larger than 7.5gig) you are able to swap the movie with a 360 game and copy the game data. With the movie placed in the drive, you stop the drive via WxRipper, eject the movie with the emergency hole (I use a paper clip made into a straight piece, others take the top lid of the whole drive) and place your 360 game. Close the tray (don’t use eject switch) and extract the data with WxRipper. Note: SS keys and Stealth Sectors are not able to be extracted this method and never will be.

But I can backup my original games using WxRipper?
Yes you can, but like stated above, WxRipper does not allow SS key extraction. Therefore you rely on people uploading and using the correct SS keys and Stealth Sectors.

So what do I do then?
If you are still using this program then I strongly urge you to buy the Samsung with Kreon firmware drives. While using this program will still gives you a great backup, it cannot extract the SS, PFI or the DMI sectors, which are needed to make a backup work. You will need to relay on SS, PFI, DMI sectors from the net.

If you still want to know more on this program, then a FAQ and Tutorial will be written. Let us know.

What is this Samsung SH-D162C drive I keep hearing about?
This drive is a lifesaver…. Should I continue? The Samsung drive is a standard PC DVD Rom drive (NOT a burner) that with Kreon’s firmware allows the drive to read Xbox360 discs. Previously you had to use the 360’s drive to make a complete backup (SS, game image, Video partition). WxRipper only extracts the game data, not the SS keys. But this drive allows a complete backup to be made. Using a program like Xbox Backup Creator you can copy the whole disc, including SS and Stealth Sectors in under 40 minutes.

You must flash the drives with Kreon’s firmware. Included is a Windows based installer, which makes flashing the drive easy. The drives are cheap and can be found at local computer shops and the internet. Just make sure it’s the model below.

Samsung SH-D162C is the IDE version. The latest firmware revision is v0.81
The SATA version is the SH-D163A (TS-H353A). The latest firmware revision is v0.80

Are you a spokesperson for Samsung?
No! Its just it makes backing up your originals easy. You don’t need to worry about emergency pin tricks or using SS key found from the net, which you do not know if they will work or not. Using this drive and many programs made for this drive will cut down on you wasting DVD+R DL media. And it’s a cheap drive

Where can I get this drive then and do you get a commission from Samsung?
You can get this drive from any good computer shop. If they stock Samsung then sure enough they will be able to get the drive in for you or should have them in stock. Other people rely on importing the drive from an online supplier. Just make sure it is the correct model. The drive is about half the price of an original new release game. And NO I don’t get a commission from Samsung or any other ROM manufacture company…. I wish

I have the drive now what?
Place the drive like you would any other CD/DVD ROM in your PC. Hook up the IDE (or SATA) and power cable. Turn on PC and boot into Windows XP (other operating systems may work). Windows XP will install the new drive. Acquire the Kreon firmware, making sure it is for your drive. Run the executable file (sfdnwin.exe) and open the firmware with the program. It will then flash the drive for you – read the NFO for more detailed instructions.

If you are confused, or for further reading check out the NFO and ‘Readme.txt’ that is supplied with the Kroen firmware.

Run Xbox Backup Creator or Schtrom360Xtract. Place an original game into the new Samsung drive and wait for the program to detect the disc. Depending on the program, make full backup or read below for full explanation of each program.

What is Xbox Backup Creator?
Latest version is v2.8.0.275
Using this with the Samsung SH-D162C makes this program the best that anybody can use for backing up their games. It has lots of handy features such as Stealth Check, Extraction and Merging of SS keys, Stealth Sectors, Game Data, and Video Partition from original and backup discs. XBC can only be used with the console’s DVD ROM or the Samsung SH drive. Note – If I remember correctly the Hitachi drives cannot extract game data with any extraction program.

How do I make a complete backup of an original?
Run the program. You should be using the Samsung drives (either Xbox360 drive or Samsung PC DVD ROM with Kreon’s firmware). With Hitachi drives game data extraction is not possible. Buy the Samsung PC DVD ROM.

Place the original game in the drive, close tray and wait. XBC will detect the game. If 2 or more drives are present in your system, make sure pull down tab shows TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C TS04 (or SH- SH-D163A for those will SATA drives).

Read Tab
Image Style should be Complete Backup
Now click on Start and choose location for your backup image to be placed. Note that you should have at least 10 gig free space.

The great thing about this is that it also includes the SS, PFI and DMI within the image. No need to merge anything, it’s already done.

Wait for around 40 minutes. It will tell you when backup image is complete. If errors occur wait as XBC will attempt to fix errors. If errors cannot be fixed then use another program, like Schtrom360Xtract or WxRipper. Note that the SS keys, PFI, and DMI can be obtained with XBC. Read below for more details on obtaining those.

How do I extract / merge the SS, PFI and DMI keys/sectors?
Run the program. You should be using the Samsung drives (either Xbox360 drive or Samsung PC DVD ROM with Kreon’s firmware). With Hitachi drives game data is not possible. Buy the Samsung PC DVD ROM. Do it you know you want to!!!

If you are obtaining the SS, PFI and DMI from an original game click on Drive Tools.
If obtaining from a game image already stored on your hard drive click on Image Tools.
Drive Tools Tab - EXTRACT
This is easy. With an original game in the drive click on Security Sector and choose the location. Click on PFI Sector and again choose the location for the file to be stored on your hard drive. Do the same for DMI. Note that doing this allows you to upload them to the site.

Also note that when you make a complete backup of the original it automatically includes the SS, PFI, DMI and Video Partition in the game image.

Image Tools Tab - EXTRACT
Important – the game image must already have an SS, PFI and DMI to be able to obtain the SS, PFI and DMI. To check, click on ‘Stealth Check’ to see if the sectors are included in the image.

Click on Security Sector and choose the game image. Now choose the name of the ‘to be created’ SS file on your hard drive. Now click on ‘PFI Sector’ and again choose the location for the file to be stored on your hard drive. Do the same for DMI.

Image Tools Tab - MERGE
On the right side you’ll ‘Action’. Previously it was set to Extract, which allowed you to extract Sectors from an original game, so now you want to merge. Just click on ‘Inject’ and click on ‘Security Sector’ and select the Image file and then the SS.BIN, PFI or DMI. Done.

Click on ‘Stealth Check’ to see if the image you have has the SS, Stealth Sectors and Video Partition. You don’t need to worry about ‘Video is valid’ or ‘Video is questionable’. As long as the SS, PFI and DMI you are fine.

How do I extract / merge the Video Partition?
Run the program. You should be using the Samsung drives (either Xbox360 drive or Samsung PC DVD ROM with Kreon’s firmware). With Hitachi drives game data is not possible. Go buy the Samsung PC DVD ROM. Yes buy it, they are cheap.

Image Tools Tab - EXTRACT
Click on Video Section and choose the image that is stored on your hard drive. Then name the file for the video file. Eg ‘Video.iso’

Image Tools Tab - MERGE
On the right side you’ll ‘Action’. Previously it was set to Extract, which allowed you to extract the Video Partition from the game image, so now you want to merge. Just click on ‘Inject’ and click on ‘Video Section’ and select the Image file and then the Video.iso.

Click on ‘Stealth Check’ to see if the image you have has the SS, Stealth Sectors and Video Partition. You don’t need to worry about ‘Video is valid’ or ‘Video is questionable’. As long as you have a video partition included in the game image.

How do I burn with Xbox Backup Creator?
Make sure you have a DVD+R DL disc in your drive and that your drive supports ‘bitsetting’. Read above for more information regarding ‘Bitsetting’.

Make sure that the pull down tab at the top of XBC states your DVD burner. Wait for it to detect the recordable media – it should state information about your media.

Important – Make sure you have checked your image with the ‘Stealth Check’ on the Image Tools Tab to check if the image you are using has SS, PFI, DMI and Video Partition.

Click on the Write tab. Writing Speed should be set to 2.4X for best burn quality. Click on ‘Start’ and choose the image file that you want to burn. Now go make a cup of coffee, tea or alcoholic beverage and in around 45 minutes the burn will be complete.

What is Schtrom360Xtract?
Latest version is v3.2
Pretty much the same as XBC but doesn’t have as nice of a GUI. However you don’t really care about the look, you want something that works. This works fine. I would recommend becoming familiar with both; some people have problems with either program.

An original wouldn’t backup with XBC so I tried Schtrom360Xtract and it worked fine. I still stealth checked and even burnt with XBC. Understanding both will greatly improve your chances of burning a successful backup.

How do I make a complete backup of an original?
‘DVD-ROM Type’ should state the Xbox 360 DVD ROM or the TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C TS04 (or SH- SH-D163A for those will SATA drives).

‘Image Path’ should be the location that you want the game image to be placed.

‘Task’ has a pull down tab. Select one of the following for what you need.

1. Whole disc (stealth xtreme 3.0) – most would use this as it includes SS, PFI, DMI and valid video partition in your game image

2. Whole disc (blank xtreme 2.0) – this includes only the SS key. It includes a blank video partition – if M$ detect the video partition then you will be banned using this image.

3. Video.iso – This extracts the Video Partition from either the original or the game image.

4. PFI, SS, DMI.BIN – This extract the PFI, DMI and SS.BIN files from either the original or the game image.

5. Game.iso – This extracts just the game image, not the full image. Backups will not work; they will need the Video Partition to be included.

A lot of tools are here in the ‘Tools’ Section of Schtrom360Xtract but the only one that you will really need is the Injection-Tool (Image Inject/Extract).

Choose the Image Name of the game image that you want to work with.
Extraction path is the location of the extracted file on your hard drive. Choose somewhere so it’s easy to find afterwards.
Click on Extract in the ‘Task’ area. Depending on the drop down tab choose what you want to extract. There is ‘Video.iso’ (Video Partition), PFI, DMI, SS and ‘Game.iso’ (Game data)
Click the ‘Start’ button and wait. Time will depend on what you are extracting. Video and game data will take a while (up to 10 minutes) whereas the sectors will take a second for the 2KB files.

Choose the Image Name of the game image that you want to work with.
File To Inject is the location of the file on your hard drive that you want to inject / merge.
Click on Inject in the ‘Task’ area. Depending on the drop down tab choose what you want to inject. There is ‘Video.iso’ (Video Partition), PFI, DMI, SS and ‘Game.iso’ (Game data)
Click the ‘Start’ button and wait. Time will depend on what you are injecting. Video and game data will take a while (up to 10 minutes) whereas the sectors will take a second for the 2KB files.

How do I burn using Schtrom360Xtract?
You cannot burn using this program. Either use Clone CD, DVD Decrypter, or Xbox Backup Creator, or Nero Burning Rom. Burn the image like you would any other image file.

What is Drive Tools?
This program was written by Redline99. This program has been superseded by his latest creation - Xbox Backup Creator.

What is XDVDMulleter?
Latest version is Beta 7
Tell you the truth I never used this program. Check the previous tutorial on how to use this new program

What is SS Merger?
Latest version is 1.7b
SS Merger was a great program in it’s time. It had a great database, which was able to tell you whether SS keys would work with your game image. This information was collected from the general ‘SS using’ public. People would vote on whether the SS key they used worked or not. This is great for people that have a game image and an outside sourced SS key, but it’s not fool proof.

I don’t understand – why do you diss SS Merger?
It’s not that I diss…ahem hate SS Merger; it’s just that the program is not working fully as it used to. I used to use it all the time, but found that while the idea behind it was great, it was faulted. The reasons are below – note that SS Merger is still a great program however currently the database is down, which means that no new entries have been updated.

I don’t understand – How does SS Merger work?
First you must understand how the MD5 hash works. You see that when choosing your game image it will check the MD5 of your image. Read below for information on the MD5 hash.

OK, so what is the MD5 and how does it relate to the SS Merger?
The MD5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5) is a fingerprint of the SS key. An MD5 hash is typically a 32-character hexadecimal number.

The MD5 is like any other cryptographic hash function, taking a long string of the digital medium (like our SS key, our game image, an MP3 or even a digital photo) and creating a unique message digest or digital fingerprint.

So this means that the MD5 is checked with the online database of SS Merger and crosschecks with the game images that people have voted as working or non-working. It then shows what the required SS key is. Red means not recommended, Green means recommended.

It’s kinda like the police tracking you if they have your fingerprints on record. The MD5 along with the name of the SS key is on record. Once you choose your image, the database is checked for that MD5. If found, success. The problem is that due to the timing response of the creation of a SS key, two SS keys taken from the same game could have small difference between them, however would result in a completely different MD5.

So slight differences between files can have a totally different MD5?
Yes, remember that every digital medium can have an MD5. This is its fingerprint. Due to the timing challenge / response protocol, multiple SS keys made from the same game can be different by a few bytes. This would result in a different MD5. Yet all of those SS keys will work.

Ahh I’m starting to understand, how does the database know about the MD5?
The database has on record all of the MD5 of each SS key as well as the game images, but only if people have posted their findings via the program.

Can the SS Merger database be wrong?
Yes, like anything that relies on external sources, information can be posted wrongfully. It mightn’t even be on purpose. People vote whether it worked for them or not. But who’s to say that their image wasn’t working to begin with. The SS key may have been fine, which would lead to you thinking that the SS key you have, may not work.

SS Merger does not fix SS keys or make them work with your game image. You can merge a wrong SS key into an image. The only safe thing is that if the bars are green, then it means that others have had success with that image and SS key. Bear in mind that if the bars are red, the game may still work, it may mean that nobody has tested it yet.

You’ll see that the database is no more powerful or handy than forums. Sure people can post wrongful information, but it may be their images were wrong to begin with. All SS keys that I create are checked on my modified console first, yet some people have had failure with them.

Ok, so what happens if I use XBC to get the sectors, how will I know they’ll work?
Please slap yourself in the face hard!!! SS Merger is only of use if you acquire the game data from WxRipper and the SS, PFI and DMI from the web. If you extracted the Sectors from your own original then you know that they will work.

Thanks going to wiki, xboxhacker, xbox-scene and the softmodfiles community. Post a new topic if you need help or your questions are not answered here. Now that I own a PS3, I thought I'd help any 360 users out there. This was originally posted (actually it never got used) by me 'Dude'.