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    E3 '09: Reggie Announces Metroid: Other M for Wii by Team Ninja

    Before Nintendo finished their press conference Reggie Fils-Aimé (Vice President of Nintendo in North America) showed off a new game titled Metroid: Other M.

    Its release date is 2010, but what impressed was the trailer has actual gameplay showing it is at least near alpha stage.

    To quote: Nintendo has announced during its E3 event that a new game is headed to Wii.

    It's from Team Ninja, and it's Metroid and its' due in 2010.
    Called Metroid: Other M.

    The crowd went nuts and so did we. It looked fantastic, and the game's given Samus a voice.

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    Metroid: Other M??? humm

    I really dont know what to think about this.. I hope nintendo does not dissipoint ya know