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    DSi Blocks Nintendo DS Flashcards from Operating

    Nintendo has done what we all expected and blocked the Nintendo DSi from running what seems to be nearly every single flash card on the market.

    If you have a CycloDS, G6 DS Real, M3 DS Real, Supercard DS One, iTouch DS, FCard, NCard, M3 DS Simply, U2DS, R4 DS and EZ Flash V don't expect any of them to work.

    It seems the DSi blocks both auto boot cards and ones that boot from the menu. If it's auto boot it crashes and while the others show up in the menu but once selected come up with an error.

    Bad news for pirates, good news for Nintendo and bad news for legitimate homebrew. But how long till they bypass it? More PlayStation 3 News...

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    well... so much for me getting the dsi.. and i was almost looking forward to it

    maybe im crazy but does nintendo really need to put another ds out (this time with 2 cameras and no gba support).