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    Poll Did everyone survive Black Friday 2011?

    I am reading the damage reports and it looks like this year's Black Friday took it's toll on some people waiting in line as usual including people using pepper spray:

    Does anyone here have a good Black Friday experience or horror story to share? What did you get, etc.

    I didn't venture out myself this year, but I have in the past and the year I did it was a LOT colder than this one so I kinda wish I did go out... although there is always Cyber Monday.

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    Well I don't live in the USA, but this thread does remind me of "Black Saturday" that happened here in Australia a while back, there were multiple bush fires that day. The temperature was around 40 degrees celsius (around 105 degrees in fahrenheit) but it was also a windy day, it was like hair dryers were constantly blowing wind on your face. There was a bush fire only 20 minutes away from were I live.

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    i survived the big floods in january this year in brisbane.. it was insane.the water from the river was able to be seen from my balcony sort of. its usually 1km away.. i live near the tennis center that hosts the australian open.. and i haven't been watching the news or any tv really lately due to bf3 online, except for a show called good game.

    what is black friday thing your talking about boss.. is it every friday 13th? or something different you mean?

    LOL i get it now.. gees you live in a crazy country boss.. LOL
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    I forgot about Black Friday... (T_T)

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    I wasn't going there and never will .. A Black Friday is stupid. Many people are riots there and got injured.. selfish and disgusting people. Nah.

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    ..pff, I counted on Amazon this year and they totally blew it. Many lightning deals either were sold out the instant they went live (including full waitlist in seconds), or they just vanished suddenly for no reason. I did, though, get the PS3 Mayhem bundle.

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    It just meant I was really busy at work which sucked and I hate shopping so that didn't affect me , besides your taking your life in your hands to go shopping on black friday.