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    Thanks for bumping the thread at least or no one is going to see it and help. Anyway, every post comes with a new info.

    RX and TX gotta be cross soldered Not directly

    RX >TX

    TX > RX

    GND > GND

    So, looks like 3 pins will do the job. I have also found the EEPROM of the TV

    Service Manual* page 88:


    M24C32-WMN6T(B) IC EEPROM 32KBit 400KHZ 8SOIC


    BTW, the guy shipped the TTL adapter. I will recieve it by the weekend hopefully. Weekend's gonna be fun Hope I don't fry something It is time end stupid Yahoo Widget system...Man, Yahoo sucks so bad... They have only 112 apps for the TV and most of them are pure crap.

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    Hi, did anyone have success on this?

    I also tried some software-sided things on my bravia but had no success in exploiting it.


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