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    Confirmed: Ziff Davis Sells 1UP to UGO/Hearst, Closes EGM

    It has been confirmed that Ziff Davis has sold the 1UP digital network to the UGO entertainment division, this includes MyCheats, Gametab and Gamevideos. Long running print magazine EGM is also closing doors once and for all.

    To quote: Following repeated rumors to the effect, Gamasutra has learned that Ziff Davis has sold its 1UP division to Hearst's UGO Entertainment, and is shutting long-running print magazine EGM in the process.

    According to a statement received by Gamasutra, Ziff Davis Media has now officially announced the sale of the 1UP Digital Network to Hearst's UGO Entertainment division.

    The sale includes,,, and, and specific financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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    Good riddens So long to your unconfirmed news, without being clearly labeled a RUMOR! I haven't gone back to since they started telling lies because they are 360 fanboys.

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    Honestly, can't say i'll miss em much either.. tootles.

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    Never really liked 1up, it was a failed attempt at a gaming community.