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Treyarch has revealed details about the Call of Duty: World at War Limited Collectorís Edition, due to ship alongside the game when it launches on November 14th.

The Limited Collectorís Edition comes packaged in a metal storage tin big enough to store multiple games. So if you were ever looking for a solution to transporting all of your Call of Dutyís together, here it is.

The only other physical item included with the limited edition is a branded steel canteen. The other bonuses are all digital items to use in game, including the powerful FG 42 Machine Gun being unlocked from day one, a VIP status tag for use in the online multiplayer modes, and an exclusive double experience week.

So far weíve only seen shots of the Xbox 360 and PC Limited Collectorís Editions, so itís unclear as to whether itíll be available on other platforms. Check out the first pics below! More PlayStation 3 News...