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Sure, we might've rolled our eyes a little bit when mega-publisher Electronic Arts started 2007 by saying they'd turned over a new leaf and wanted to start pumping out [Register or Login to view links]. After all, it's not like they've stopped the Madden/NASCAR/Need for Speed blitz they're so well known for. Nevertheless, one of the first games announced under this new initiative, the intensely co-op-centric [Register or Login to view links], is nearing release.

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EA announced today Army of Two will be dropping onto store shelves on November 15th for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Whether playing offline or online, the game will focus on a two-man team working together to cause the most efficient destruction possible. To go more in-depth on the game (including its unique new "Aggrometer" feature), check out [Register or Login to view links].

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