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    AnyDVD's new AI boasts ability to crack future DRM claims AnyDVD now contains code that will be able to crack new DRM that may be added or changed in the future. The feature, officially called an "AI scanner" is supposed to work similarly to antivirus software, which can heuristically find new viruses. AnyDVD is a popular program for removing copy protection from DVDs, HD DVDs, and BDMV discs.

    "The AI Scanner in AnyDVD is a new, pro-active copy protection circumvention method," said Giancarlo Bettini, SlySoft's chief executive, in a statement. "It allows the user to make safety backups of his DVD movies even if the newest anti-piracy technology is used. It is our belief that the AI Scanner will even work on protections yet to be released, so we see this as a future-proof technology. This is indeed a hard nut to crack for the copy protection industry."

    As Blu-ray in particular was designed with an option to support changing DRM with player firmware updates, it's likely that AnyDVD's AI claims will be put to the test sooner rather than later. While it's possible it will work as advertised, SlySoft will certainly continue to provide program updates as new copy protection features are cracked. It looks like this is more of an attempt to reassure potential customers that future copy protection will always be broken.

    AnyDVD's new AI boasts ability to crack future DRM

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    so these bluray copies can now be played on ps3?

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    Just to copy the discs... the copied (backup) discs aren't playable on the PS3 yet.