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May 11, 2007 - The April drought of games officially ended with the release of Command & Conquer 3, or did it? That's our topic for this third installment of everybody's favorite column, 360 Degrees, the feature that's all about giving the readers a voice on the IGN Xbox 360 channel. Now that Command & Conquer 3 is out, we want to show off that critical voice IGN readers have. We know you have it in you - we get every single one of those e-mails you send ranting about this thing or that. That's why this round of 360 Degrees focuses on [Register or Login to view links].

The second real-time strategy game for Xbox 360 has landed, but how smooth was the ride? Using a controller for a game designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard is always a tricky thing. How well did EA pull off the port from PC to Xbox 360? Now that the game is out and you've given it a go, did C&C 3 live up to your expectations? Should everyone buy the game or is it just another coaster?

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FMV cutscenes! Click the image to start reviewing...the game, not the girl.

Start sending in your reader reviews. We'll showcase the best ones on the Xbox 360 page in the near future so the world can see your work and make the natural comparison to Roger Ebert. [Register or Login to view links].

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