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XBox 360 Gets Hack to Play Backups Not Detectable by Microsoft

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266w ago - As a follow-up to the recent XBox Live Bans and HDD Crippling wave comes word today that C4Eva is working on a new XBox 360 DVD Firmware.

Although the hack is currently in the development and testing phase, it's been dubbed iXtreme LT (Lite Touch).

To quote from #fw on [Register or Login to view links] EFNet: "[c4eva] new fw in dev/test - ixtreme LT (Lite Touch) - more efficient, minimal patching, all aspects of fw indistinguisable from orig, no more bans, No ETA!"

We do not have more details at the moment. As far as we know the 3 'test boxes' C4Eva has running are still fine (not banned).

So there's NO ETA for the firmware yet, but it should come out for Lite-On drives first.

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#17 - Silvercyrex - 266w ago
Silvercyrex's Avatar
I have two 360s around the house one is for playing games one is for streaming movies off my server.

i've always had a live gold memebership on the game system (BenQ drive fw ix 1.6) but i bearly play any online games but i'm connected to live all the time when i play offline games

the second system (liteon Drive fw ix 1.6) has NEVER been in an online game and i've played 3 offiline games on it ever, with a silver memeber ship

here's the kicker i haven't played a single game for the past 3 weeks i've turned em both on to watch movies but not play games although there were game disks in both systems

they were both band at the same time tonight. i found out when my buddy msged me earlier today telling me he got band.

i know my games are good i got them all from usenet, they've been checked with abgx and rechecked after burn and i've never played a game before it was officially released i actually usually wait over a week before i even try new games just in case the first few releases are bad

to me it looks like the fw is detectable otherwise how would they know

#16 - semitope - 266w ago
semitope's Avatar
They can maybe release tainted copies of games themselves and mark the modded consoles that way. Have a developer write 1 version of the game (minor difference) with code that identifies the leaked copy and another thats just the normal game. Nothing would be able to detect it because its part of the actual game.

Maybe a list of trusted release groups would do.

#15 - Badghost2kPS3N - 266w ago
Badghost2kPS3N's Avatar
Hi people. Just got banned few days ago. No download from unsecure trackers (usenet only), every game checked before and after burn. Didn't play any game before street release.

I think there is a sum of causes: bad use of Agbx, playing games without checking, cheating, well.. not my case..

Maybe a IP ban filter, only because my country did not have a Live service from M$ (hear this one today from a consoles vendor).


#14 - CJPC - 266w ago
CJPC's Avatar
I suppose in theory it would be possible for them to make a tiny burnable area on the disc, that would allow it to be written to after pressing - still seems quite expensive, as the hardware would need to be engineered to do just that. Not to mention, that won't stop some hacker from burning in his own ID.

Since the disks are pressed - essentially, its a blank piece of plastic that a pattern gets melted into, from the master, it's quite hard to add additional "data" in. I'm sure it can be done - the question is at what cost.

With a burnt disk - it would be a piece of cake, but then if MS used DVD-R's for every game, it would be a tad easier to run backups!

#13 - urbanracer34 - 266w ago
urbanracer34's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
The problem with unique disk id's is that its expensive! Making a new master for each disk does not come cheap - not to mention how much longer it would take to produce the disks.

It is a great idea to quash backups, but luckily for us, its too expensive to implement!

Wouldn't the disc manufactures be able to make a master that has a space reserved for a disc ID, and when they're making the copy, generate one (a disc ID) and put it on/in the disc in the place reserved for it?

Or would that not work when you're pressing a disc and would only work if you're BURNING them?


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