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XBox 360 Elite vs. PS3 Slim - $299 Price Point Console Showdown

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278w ago - With its new price tag and leaner form-factor, the PS3 Slim clearly offers great value.

Unfortunately Sony had to strip Linux support, backwards compatibility, and some memory card ports in order to get the price down.

But consumers still get a great gaming machine, free online support, and a competent Blu-ray player. There are also some intriguing services unique to Sony such as Home and PSP connectivity, which might entice some users.

The Xbox 360 Elite, even with a price drop to $299, still struggles to compete feature-for-feature. The most glaring omission is the lack of on-board wifi adaptor. Microsoft currently sells its own, expensive adaptor as an extra accessory.

If gamers want to go online using their Xbox 360, they will have to pay for Xbox Live Gold, at a cost of around $49 per year. Silver members still get access to game demos, achievements, and Avatars, but little more.

Finally, the Xbox 360 still relies on DVD disks for content, which is fine for games but may disappoint videophiles who want the HD capability of Blu-ray movies.

On the other hand, Microsoft is the only manufacturer to allow users to stream Netflix movies from their console, which is ultra-convenient. Zune users can also connect their devices to Xbox Live to access multimedia content.

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#17 - AKmania - 278w ago
AKmania's Avatar
I'm really agree about that a lot off xbox 360 user move to PS3. The only reason that i know that they still hold on 360 only because it can be modded.

Most of them complaining about over heat on 360 still unresolved. 360 is very sensitive especially the DVD drive, it can scratch the dvd so easily if the dvd drive get error.

On Ps3 the over heat problem that i seem so far only happened on some series only. There is a small chance to scratch a bluray disc even your BD drive get error almost impossible if you didn't mess up inside the BD drive.

On Ps3 most of people didn't choose it because the PS3 is too expensive from the beginning and now they still cannot be modded and the game it self is too expensive especially new title.

So basically if you want to play a good and safe console i suggest you to choose PS3, if you want to play a cheaper one then choose 360 because it can be piracy.

#16 - modnationrep - 278w ago
modnationrep's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by snowisawesome00 View Post
if the ps3 could be modded/hacked, it would destroy the 360 for sure.

thats the only reason i play my 360 at all still..

#15 - snowisawesome00 - 278w ago
snowisawesome00's Avatar
if the ps3 could be modded/hacked, it would destroy the 360 for sure.

#14 - JeffJ - 278w ago
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by speedy1632 View Post
xbox 360 sucks, it doesnt even compare to the possibilities to the ps3 the only thing is that the xbox can be modded.

hey now no need to be a fanboy wonder Xbox 360 has its own group of features and games that are great as well.

the ps3 does more bang for its buck for sure, but the 360 does not "Suck"

#13 - speedy1632 - 278w ago
speedy1632's Avatar
xbox 360, sucks it doesnt even compare to the possibilities to the ps3 the only thing is that the xbox can be modded.


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