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Videos: The Console Wars Showdown Series

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234w ago - Welcome to the Console Wars showdown- It's been nine long months since this video series started, and today the conclusion was finally released.

I decided to wait to share this until the series was finally over. This is the most accurate and unbiased Xbox 360 and PS3 comparison to date.

So without further ado, get ready for some heavy weight game console action from technobuffalo's LP.

Round 1: Controller

Rounds 2 & 3: Stock Keeping Units and Hardware Features and Design

Round 4: Central Processing Unit

Round 5: Graphics Processing Unit

Round 6: User Interface Functionality

Round 7: Online

Round 8: Media Playback

Round 9: Multi-Platform Games

Round 10: Exclusive Games

Part 1

Part 2

Round 11: The Future

Round 12: The Finale/Top Three Failures of the Consoles

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#9 - Starlight - 234w ago
Starlight's Avatar
Interesting indeed this article and i would pick sony's PS3 even without this article as i always thought the ps3 was a more complete system of course besides the YLOD the console is a good performer from what all i have seen on the internet and people's opinion also.

#8 - LIL935 - 234w ago
LIL935's Avatar
Sony for me would be the overall winner no doubt, moreso sony won the games away to microsoft but was also outdone by nintendo.

#7 - Assignator98 - 234w ago
Assignator98's Avatar
bahah, at least we have a web browser.. does xbox even have one?

#6 - chrykel - 234w ago
chrykel's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
While I agree most of the time with round 12.

I think the YLOD is a big issue as well. At least for me it is (3x now)

so my top 3 PS3 fail is:

2: Other OS removal/no full Linux support before that due to restrictions
3: PS3 web browser

ylod is bad! it sucks... i got it before but that was mostly on the launch consoles... plus the rate was at 10% so that normal... i never used os so i dont care... and theres nothing wrong with the web browser the things i want on my ps3 is in game music and more features and apps that would make the ps3 great!

#5 - joel1310 - 234w ago
joel1310's Avatar
Thanks for those great critics on both consoles, I agree with the results bacause ps3 system offers much more than xbox. Free online playing, built on wifi, acceps any bluetooth device (you can buy the cheapest one, for xbox there are limited brand and prices $$$) and the major reason BLUERAY.

Those fan boy of xbox spend 299 on the console and if they want to enjoy a superior quality movie they need to spend a whole lot more on a blueray player. And guest what... we got best exclusive games...


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