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Video: Taliban Use PlayStation Controller as Detonator Device

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251w ago - It appears Sony's PlayStation really does do everything like their TV commercials state, as recently gamingtarget shared a video on YouTube of Taliban militants who use PlayStation Controllers as a detonator device in Afghanistan.

To quote: "Veteran war correspondent for Fox News Channel Steve Harrigan discovered that militants got their hands on a familiar game controller-turned-detonator while he was embedded with U.S. and Afghan troops last year in Jaji, Afghanistan.

There, troops raided a suspected bomb-making house thanks to an Afghan informant who was paid $2,000.

"A farmer's house, in a locked shed: jackpot," he exclaims before almost poetically listing what troops found inside. It is an enemy, they can build weapons even out of garbage.

The garbage Harrigan refers to includes a clear-blue original PlayStation controller, one that's so old it pre-dates the dual analog sticks.

"Something as simple [that] a solider may've thrown out, because their Sony PlayStation was broken, can be used as an initiator device," explains an unidentified U.S. Army Ranger who was holding the controller and involved in the operation."

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#3 - Scrapy - 251w ago
Scrapy's Avatar
Hard to imagine how that old controller would be of any use as a detonator, guess it would have to be a suicide mission due to the cord, lol... (strange image going through my head of a car-bomber driving down the street using the psx controller).

anyway... you can make a detonator out of just about anything really. Sony wouldn't/shouldn't really give a toss about this.

#2 - heartagram62 - 251w ago
heartagram62's Avatar
I know they say there is no such thing as bad press but this is the exact thing that I think SONY would want to avoid. From a system that brings so much fun to millions of people these idiots must use it to bring death to a few, when will they relalise they can't win. Good luck to all coalition troops out there!!!

#1 - Tsusai - 251w ago
Tsusai's Avatar
I would say it brings new meaning to "combo breaker".

Up Down Left Right X-Start *kaboom*


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