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Video: CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Takedown Map Glitch is Leaked

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268w ago - Under a week since the initial Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 leak comes yet another, this time a CoD takedown map glitch is leaked.

To quote from Senseney07 via YouTube: "Today I'm showing you guys a glitch a found while playing the campaign in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

This is a simple glitch that allows you to get out of the map, with nothing but a little strafe jump.

And also there is an elevator also when outside the map."

Check out the video below!

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#13 - ZBlacktt - 268w ago
ZBlacktt's Avatar
This is COD guys, lol. It's more a case of like "here we go again ". With such a very large user base on this game. We can always count on some percentage of players just looking to go outside the box. In fact, many make this they're sole intention as it gets them their 15 seconds of fame.

If you go on YT right now. You'll see the video's already being added from glitcher's on this game. Not in just one map either and the game is not even out yet. Won't be long and we'll all see player's flying through the sky again, going under the map, etc, etc, lol. I sure hope not, but all games have glitch finders, COD just stands out so much because it's so popular.

#12 - Veritech - 268w ago
Veritech's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by macca30 View Post
Also not necessarily a pirated copy, mine arrived yesterday from HMV with night vision goggles. But I agree glitches are a nuisance online, but not online he can do what he wants.

I have a friend who has copies on both systems legitimately, they are out in some places. I also have a friend who was recently banned for playing the title early on 360. It's a chance you take, so hate on pirates for getting to play early but there is a price to pay for not waiting and playing it safe.

As far as the video goes other than the music which I had turned off was ok. It is an easily found map glitch, it would have been found week one of launch. There wil be a plague of these types of map glitches as proxies are not complete in areas or height and areas are not held in account to non proxied rooftops ect. I'm more or less into lag/lobby glitches. I believe some of the cooler glitches will be like glitched custom kill streaks, character mods, and host lag animations.

#11 - Russky - 268w ago
Russky's Avatar
Hey everyone,

Well first of all i must agree, that glitchers are ... very bad people

But in some kind of way we need them, because the developers get warned and thefore correct the bug, Like in Killzone 2.

It just an opinion from one guy

#10 - semitope - 268w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
He is still playing an early copy, maybe you dont think thats a bad thing and that its his machine and stuff but we shouldnt encourage this pricks. Imagine his face when he sees his video posted in a serious web page like ps3 news, he will try to keep doing it even if it ruins the game for everyone. Besides to me it just looks like a kid trying to show off his early pirated copy and also saying hey Im playing before time and I found a glitch.

No it doesn't matter to me whether its a early copy or not. I will be playing this game day one and would not play it otherwise so I really don't care whether his copy is legit or not. If what he was doing was bad for other ppl then I'd think something of it. Granted ppl might see this and try it in a proper online game.

#9 - macca30 - 268w ago
macca30's Avatar
Also not necessarily a pirated copy, mine arrived yesterday from HMV with night vision goggles. But I agree glitches are a nuisance online, but not online he can do what he wants.


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