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Universal Unbrick Disc v2 is Now Available for Nintendo Wii

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298w ago - Universal Unbrick Disc is now on v2 and will work with Firmware 4.0. Additionally, you will not need a modchip, cIOS-CORE or Rescue Menu hacks to be installed.

It will also work with the Original Rescue Menu and you only need a modded Original GC Controller and the cIOS249 installed. Thats all.

I changed the game partition to run with IOS249 and its set to autoboot... so as long you have the cIOS249 installed and its a cIOS with cDIP module it will work.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Then I updated the ticket and tmd to be named as UUD but I had to change the game partition, the iSO itself and the crypted name of the game too to be fully displayed as "Universal Unbrick Disc"

And be sure you use an ORIGINAL GC Controller because we can't manage to boot into rescue menu with a 3rd-Party GC Controller.

How to Use:

• Extract and burn the image
• Turn on Wii and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

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#658 - Kiwiii97 - 219w ago
Kiwiii97's Avatar
Hi cfwprophet! I got the damn black screen too...

I wanted to play wiiware games from SD card but couldnt, so I searched of how. It said i had to install cios70 so I did it. But when I installed it, everything went freezing -.-

So restarted my wii and there you go... BLACK SCREEN ALL THE WAY!
Now i downloaded and burned your UUDv4 and putted it in the wii. But nothing hapend...

I don't know what to do! I'm really "out of bounds" in this case. Is there any other way to fix the wii? I really need help from a pro!

// Kiwiii

#657 - Sneaky - 219w ago
Sneaky's Avatar
Hello, I am frustrated i have been reading for days on things i can do and nothing seems to work:

Wii is soft modded with 4.1u
pre-loader was installed
has cIOS249 r17 and
hermes 222
UsbLoader gx

I think it was a bad theme that caused it in GX. When the wii boots up black screen remote won;t sync also won;t power up via remote. drive spins and can get a green power light. I have tried to hold reset and turn power on nothing.

bought a new module and replaced it same was a waste of money as old module worked on friends wii. when i hacked the wii it loaded to the ios so no nand backup

I am lost and would love to be pointed in the right direction willing to try anything. Thanks for the help.

I wanted to add i used Wiihacks 4.1 softmod guide done over a half dozen of them and this is the only one that has had issues and it worked for a few days before this happened to it. Going to buy a original GC controller today if there is a chance the recovery disc will work. Thanks

#656 - designworks - 220w ago
designworks's Avatar
Hello.. My english is poor. but I will try to explain my wii situation: My wii is a Korean one.

What i do to brick it:
Updated system menu to 3.3 - Working OK! Then formatted from wii configuration menu.

Then I used the wnytittler deleter to erase some titles, and there is my problem, I erased all ios, only ios 30 remains..
Because that obviously the wii doesnt work good, so i acces to wii configuration menu and activated wii connect to update the database and restore the erased ios.. this works.. but.. then appear the 003 error.. (I have fixed previously this error whit mario kart, but now, I doesnt have the patched ios (249 etc.) the this system doesnt work to write ios 70 on wii and when I try its return to the black screen whit "error 003"..

Does someone know how to fix it?? Now Im trying with LCUDv.3.. some help please.

#655 - DHX - 224w ago
DHX's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
Never install a update from game or from Internet. And i need to know if you have modded your Wii or not.
Try to boot the Rescue Menu and see if it starts.

Firmware: 3.2U
Mod Chip: InFeCtuS Argon w/ Firmware 1.6

Punch out installed a PAL update. black screen, low lvl brick.

I tried about 1,000 times but I can't access the rescue menu. I did the GC controller modification on 2 separate controllers and it never worked, all I get is a black screen. My wii has been collecting dust for about a year XD

#654 - peterras - 225w ago
peterras's Avatar
hi, i need help my wii got fully brick and how to unbrick it with the universal unbrick disk i downloaded v4 please answer my wii is v 4.2 please help me.


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