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Top Five Ways Microsoft's XBox 360 Has Beaten Sony's PS3

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295w ago - The war to win the hard-core gamer has been fought bitterly between two giants - Sony the veteran and Microsoft the young upstart. The kid took its beating the first generation.

Sony laughed at him for having the nerve and audacity to compete with the champion. The kid knew it was bested, but he licked his wounds and trained harder. He came back a man, a muscled machine, and showed the old-timer he deserved to be crowned the title.

This is his story:

5) Third Party Exclusives
Exclusives will make and break a console platform. Take the GameCube for example. With high licensing fees and inadequate support, third party software were put out there to die and so the third party support dried up too. Consequently GameCube died shortly after.

On the flip-side, PS2 won the console war on the strength of its third party support. Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and Tekken were all system-selling games for PS2. Now how many of those franchises has Sony been able to retain for the PS3? Looks like only Metal Gear.

Microsoft made a heavy investment to lure third party developers into the 360 camp. By launching their system a year ahead of PS3, the 360 was able to give developers more time to acclimate to an already familiar-looking platform architecture.

Sending out development kits early made programming even that the more easier. Conversely, the PS3's cell has been notoriously hard to program for. This and funding incentives add to the reasons why developers choose the 360 version as the lead SKU.

The benefit of being the lead SKU is that the game will be more streamlined for that platform since during the original development period, programmers had time to cater to the lead platform's strengths, processing power, and capabilities to maximize performance and tweak gameplay for that system.

Games on the lead SKU platfom tend to run better and look better than on a system for which code had to be ported to. Additionally, porting code may take a year after the 360 version's release and is not usually handled by the original development team or developer.

Nabbing exclusive third party titles, even exclusive DLC like the recent Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & The Damned, has given Microsoft an incredible edge over Sony's system. Why buy an expensive PS3 just to play a handful of exclusives, when the 360 is cheaper and has a wider variety of exclusives to choose from? Even a former PlayStation exclusive like Resident Evil has sold more on the 360 than on the PS3. It's ironic how gamers must turn to the 360 for their steady fix of J-RPGs, which used to be a PlayStation mainstay. Blame it on a tidal change.

4) XBLA & Community Games
The sheer number of titles that appear on LIVE is daunting, which is a testament to the platform's viability and attractiveness to proven developers and serves as an outlet for up & coming indie developers. XBLA and Community Games see a variety of games released each and every week, whereas Sony's PSN may not see a major release for few weeks or even months.

Not only do gamers benefit by getting innovative and daring game titles to play, Microsoft is simultaneously able to invest in the future of gaming. By way of XNA, Microsoft is able to support and open up opportunities to young creators, which in essence ensures and fosters the growth of the next generation of game developers.

3) Price & Value
Why does it still cost $400 to buy a PS3 three years after the console's release? It's a rhetorical question because the cost to manufacture the PS3 is still so high, Sony refuses to take the hit. But this late into the console life cycle and with pressure from third party developers, retailers, and investors banging down their door, how can Sony afford not to do a price-drop?

Look at the 360. The arcade unit costs $200. The 360 has a ton of exclusives and when it comes down to multiplatform games, people still prefer the 360 version. This is a make-or-break time for Sony and they're fumbling the ball so bad, it only magnifies tenfold the sound business decisions Microsoft is making. In this economy, it becomes an obvious choice to pick up a 360 versus a PS3. And don't even think about dual wielding two consoles, buddy.

With a higher install base, it all goes back to Reason #5 -- third parties love the 360 because their games consistently sell more on this system. More third party software means more hardware sales, and so on and so on goes the loop.

2) Persistence - A Lesson In Economics
It's Microsoft. They have a lot of money. A lot of money to invest. And a lot more to burn. If they don't get you on the first try, they'll come again a second time, and believe you me they will get you eventually.

The original Xbox was far from a success story. What it did was lay the ground work for what was to come. It's all part of Brand Building 101. They took their hits, learned their lessons, and jumped ship as fast as they could. As soon as the 360 was announced, Microsoft had all but given up on supporting their original green machine.

In the earlier days, the 360 was considered a still-born in Japan. Look at them today and you'll witness their reincarnation. Slowly but surely, Microsoft is whittling down Japan's defenses, renowned as a protective parent of home-grown brands.

1) Xbox LIVE
The Number 1 and most obvious reason why Xbox 360 has beaten PS3 is the quality of its Xbox LIVE service. Time and again this has been brought out as the deciding factor when gamers choose the 360 version of a multiplayer title over the PS3 one. LIVE has built a vibrant online community by offering a full-featured service that includes voice chat, achievements, friends-list, gamer nights, and weekly gamer-centric video content.

Ever since the original Xbox debuted with the LIVE service, Sony has had plenty of time to observe how Microsoft would tackle the online arena, yet even now fails to follow Microsoft's example and implement more advanced features (features that gamers perceive as basic and have grown to expect) that make LIVE such a compelling service. Achievements, voice chat, friend's list, custom soundtracks, and now NetFlix HD video streaming. Sony has been and always will be playing catch-up.

The NPD numbers show month after month a clear victor is emerging. When this console generation finally draws to a close, we may soon look back and say it only took two generations for Microsoft to beat out the veteran Sony and cement the 360 as the core gamer's console. Who is to say what new heights they can achieve in the coming years?

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#10 - CyanCaze - 295w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
I find it funny how this comes from a website called "Xboxist.com" I just found it funny like it's come sort of religion.

Can someone please explain this objectively to me because I just don't understand. How does the 360 have more exclusive AAA tittles then the PS3? I can only think of 6 from the 360 yet I can think of 15 for the ps3. Note that I am only counting the series....

Gears of War,
Banjo and Kazooie,

Metal Gear Solid,
Little big Planet,
Gran turismo,
Ratchet and Clank,
God of War,
Heavenly Sword,
Heavy Rain,

It just seems to me the PS3 still has better exclusives.

And for price I laugh every time someone tries to use that. I personally don't use my PS3 wireless router but it's nice to have, but a arcade unit with a 60gb HD is still $300.... So I can game and watch movies for 100 dollars more... I think the PS3 is a better choice in that division. The online on the 360 is about a 78% of 100% of what it should be. The PS3 is a 72% of what it should be.... And it's free, so....

#9 - GZA1984 - 295w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
Why oh why do I always get sucked up into these kind of posts...

It's Microsoft. They have a lot of money. A lot of money to invest. And a lot more to burn. If they don't get you on the first try, they'll come again a second time, and believe you me they will get you eventually.

w-wait, what?? I don't get this...

I never thought MS could be some sort of Jehova witness thing.
The way this is written makes me think that all Xbox owners were brainwashed by MS.

Anyway this is exactly the reason why they disgust me (and I'm a person that actually defends Vista), and this only shows how brainless people are....
It's as if you're writing (who ever wrote this):
"Hey man I have alot of money!"
-"Oh you're so cool. I want to be around you"
Oh, they have alot of money, they will get you sooner or later. It almost sounds like a mafia movie.

Money is everything in the buisness world, but bribing people is a coward tactic. And has nothing to do with gaming.
And if they have this much money, why do they have such a high failure rate on a piece of hardware like this (and software flaws in general, while smaller companies don't have this problem).
As for the 3rd party support, it's nice and all for MS, but RPG's don't sell on the 360. (as we all have seen)

#8 - saviour07 - 295w ago
saviour07's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by otarumx View Post
And don't even think about dual wielding two consoles, buddy, that would completely destroy your inner fanboy.

haha i loved this line alone!
totally agree with what your responses where in this post, i just couldnt be bothered posting something that long myself

its hard to fight fanboys without sounding like one yourself, but they will go away soon
wont they??

#7 - seed143 - 295w ago
seed143's Avatar
i dont have to explain because the explanation and facts are already in the old list comment. xbox360 has not yet beaten sony's ps3.

#6 - Frogman7 - 295w ago
Frogman7's Avatar
I bought my first 360 (a premium with 20gig HDD) early March of 2006, I bought my PS3 the following year (60gig model) right after the price drop for $500 with free controller. At the time I didn't really feel like it was that good a deal, but I really strongly believe I got alot more with the PS3, having a 56" HDTV the blu-ray was really nice and I really liked the upscaled ps2 games.

Built in wireless is really convienant and it has generally been less picky for streaming video. My 360 died May of last year from an error 74, not wanting to pay for the repair I tried to do it myself, but failed. My PS3 has never given me any problems (other than a few nitpicky things like how the fan kicks on even when its on standby) and with the latest great games has shown to be a really solid gaming machine.

I would consider the xbox a much better buy had it come with more (sd card slots, bigger hdd, and wireless) even if it had cost an extra hundred but that was not a choice and I'm really happy that I got my ps3 and I have another 360 now but I think I prefer my ps3 now for all intents and purposes as an overall better system.


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