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Square Enix: No Chance XBox 360 Will Compromise PS3 FFXIII

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287w ago - Final Fantasy legend and XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has stated that the development team has not had to make any concessions for the Xbox 360 port.

Final Fantasy XIII is due out on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 simultaneously in North America and Europe sometime in 2010.

However, Square Enix has confirmed that the Xbox 360 version will be a port of the PS3 version.

To quote: [Register or Login to view links] brought word that development of the Xbox 360 version of hotly anticipated JRPG only began once the recent Japan-exclusive PS3 demo was released in April.

Some fans have expressed concern that content may be left out of both versions of the game due to DVD storage limitations.

Kitase dispelled that myth. He said: "The team is targeting to create an equal experience on both the 360 and the PS3, so there are no limitations. For example, right now we're working on the PS3 version first, and once we've completed that we'll really know how much game there will be to fit onto the Xbox 360 discs."

"So we don't know how many discs it'll be housed on for 360, but there won't be a chance that we'll compromise anything because, oh it didn't fit in the 360 discs so we'll have to take it out of the PS3 version, or vice versa."

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#6 - bootlegninja - 287w ago
bootlegninja's Avatar
Essentially the same technique that Square used to do with FF7, FF8, and FF9 on the PS1. But at least we do get to install it on the hard drive. (thank god) I imagine that they will devise a way to include the textures once minimizing the install size. but as you hint about, they could go about it the lazy way and just do a full disc install on each disc. We'll see when the game comes out. Personally I hope it's the first method though.

#5 - sorceror - 287w ago
sorceror's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by vfxraven19 View Post
lots and lots of compromising audio/video compression, and load times (unless you install the game on your xbox360 hard drive).

This'd be a game that they could probably insist on some hard drive space for. Otherwise, a lot of textures and models and such would have to be duplicated across discs, potentially bumping up the disc count.

#4 - vfxraven19 - 287w ago
vfxraven19's Avatar
lots and lots of compromising audio/video compression, and load times (unless you install the game on your xbox360 hard drive).

#3 - nafeasonto - 287w ago
nafeasonto's Avatar
Well a dual layer DVD can hold 8GB. A duel layer Blu-ray can hold 40Gb. If they don't write the bs unncessary code (code just to take up room on the disc.)

I have a feeling the game is going to be at least 3 discs, or 4. And of course one Blue-ray

#2 - xpa12 - 287w ago
xpa12's Avatar
I've heard several things regarding the japanese voice track for the game, i can imagine the 360 version not having this as a space-saving tactic, however wouldn't it be relatively easy to have it as a download on live?

I love playing with the original voices and i hope that this is taken into consideration.

Can't wait!


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