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Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII for XBox 360 to Ship on 3 DVDs

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255w ago - Square Enix has confirmed to VG247 (linked above) that the XBox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will ship on three DVDs in March, 2010.

The news comes after it was US retailer [Register or Login to view links] listed the RPG at three discs overnight.

To quote: "Yes the game is on three DVDs for the 360," a Square rep told us.

It was also confirmed to us that you're not going to be doing too much ejecting during play.

"Players will only have to swap discs twice during their entire game," said the rep.

Final Fantasy XIII will release in the west for PS3 and XBox 360 on March 9, 2010.

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#13 - superste2201 - 253w ago
superste2201's Avatar
Xbox version is NOT identical to the ps3 version, there is a difference of 6 - 10gb IIRC

Xbox 360 graphics are poorer (only slightly however) and the videos are encoded to 720p by Bink video unlike the ps3 version (using standard codec in 1080p).

#12 - sika - 254w ago
sika's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dorienasder View Post
What problem? Changing discs two times total? Shocking. Really ruins the gameplay. FFVII, VIII and IX all sucked because of it.

i was saying there was no problem with going back to cleared areas not problem with changing discs. it was great to change discs on the old ff games (7,8, etc), makes you feel you are closer to completion when u pop in that next disc, i loved it.

#11 - dorienasder - 255w ago
dorienasder's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
I would bet they game had some design decisions made to accommodate the 360. Especially if the 2 versions are identical.

I'm sure there were some changes in the whole process, seeing as they were originally designing for the PS2 platform and then switched to PS3 and then added the 360.

But I don't think it's justified if people blame the 360 for a) cut content and b) the long development time. Since the majority of the content is video, there is no reason to cut any gameplay whatsoever from a game because it is has multiple discs. The content that was cut (more likely never made) was cut because of time and resource issues. Square has a long history of not having enough resources to put everything the ever brainstormed into a game. FFVII endgame anyone, Xenogears second disc? And where is the XBOX port of FFXII, so we can blame the five year development on it?

Oh well, here I'm ranting again. All I wanna say: This is a big and good game and it took time to develop it and that's normal (I think XII development was longer, wasn't it?) And not every idea making it is normal too. You don't need to blame someone for those simple truths.

#10 - semitope - 255w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by rickylyh View Post
FF13 is not long game, just big movie.. so per disc have game data plus movie, is ok

3 disc... hmm just look like Bluray movie rip to HD wmv to save space.

[Register or Login to view links]

Final Fantasy games are not short. So while big titles from other developers might be clocking in at somewhere between 7 and 9 hours, don't expect a brief Final Fantasy XIII experience. Expect a long haul.

In a recent interview, FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama noted, "For XIII, the size of the entire game is considerable. Just running through the main story takes experienced players over 50 hours. For the first time, I think it's possible to play through in full in about 60 hours or so."

Meaty! Players have been waiting three years for this game, and it sounds like they've got a big game ahead of them to experience.

It sure ain't short..

I would bet they game had some design decisions made to accommodate the 360. Especially if the 2 versions are identical.

#9 - dorienasder - 255w ago
dorienasder's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
Weren't there rumors about the game lacking in-town content (or towns at all?)

Those aren't exactly rumours, the game is out already for PS3, so we know what's lacking/different compared to previous FF games. But these are design choices Square Enix made for this installment of Final Fantasy, the game is what it is because they wanted to do it that way this time. It's not like it doesn't make sense in context of the story that the characters can't chat away idly with citizens and spend their gil in casinos and spas.

Now that I think about it, things like certain doom in form of a giant meteor hanging in the sky on the verge of crushing into earth never stopped Final Fantasy protagonists from enjoying casinos and spas before. Seems SE went for realism this time.

Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
I don't know why they didn't do like forza 3 "you install the second disc and play only with one!!! that would be much better of swapping disc!

Of course then there'd be people whining about the huge amount of hdd space they'd have to sacrifice.

But as an option, it's a good idea. Speaking of which, does the "install game to hard drive" feature of NXE support multi-disc games? If so, I'd say problem solved.


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