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Sony is Developing New Laser Technology Far Superior to Blu-ray

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231w ago - While it may not be used for the PlayStation 4 which may utilize optical storage discs, Sony is currently developing new laser technology that is reportedly far superior to conventional Blu-ray discs.

According to Examiner.com (linked above), the new Sony laser tech is said to offer roughly 20 times the capacity of current Blu-Ray discs.

To quote: "The development team of Tohoku University and Sony has completed work on a new laser technology offering 20 times the capacity of current Blu-Ray discs.

The most difficult aspect, if I can [Register or Login to view links] of the Google translation as well as I think I can, was reducing the size of the equipment needed to produce such a strong beam of light down to the size of commercial products.

Currently the technology can only be used in experimental prototypes costing over $100,000 to produce. Sony plans to have the laser available to consumers within a few years."

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#9 - BlingOnMyWrist - 231w ago
BlingOnMyWrist's Avatar
Sure, this sounds great, just like Blu ray did. But I think that the only way that this technology would be utilized would be through movies. The size of the current Blu ray disc, when dual layered, is 50gb, and how many games have taken advantage of that? Only a hand full.

Maybe with the next generation of consoles, Microsoft and Nintendo will use physical media with a larger storage capacity, but if they don't, then don't look to this as being an opportunity for large games, or very many large games.

#8 - Wonderkik - 231w ago
Wonderkik's Avatar
You mean, with a Holo-ray drive? ^^

I feel some Red Dwarf or Star Trek fun here...

#7 - Pika420247 - 231w ago
Pika420247's Avatar
The new disc is called HVD (Holographic Virtual Disc).

#6 - Warrorar - 231w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
and again sony wins the race.

i said it 5years ago, i said it 3years ago, and i say it now. sony and there mates (toshiba, samsung and so on) will ever win the race. they are such profession in improving the disc technology.

microsoft got screwed when they tryed to win the rac with there hd dvd against blue ray. and they lost. they also lost against the cd/dvd winth there zip drive.
and if they will try it a third time, they will also lose the fight. because to many people trust the evolution of the disc.

cd --> dvd -- > blue ray --> opti disc (nice name hu? ^^)

#5 - OGroteKoning - 231w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Reaper2122 View Post
hmmm maybe if some company made mmofps or mmorpg that took up over 100gb of space and the game world was the size of earth twice over and only cost like 70 or 80 bucks. I would be giddy or maybe a dead rising 3 which has like over 20,000 something zombies on-screen at one time, or an rts sorta part to it to see all the zombies... .

YEAH!! Put google earth on the disc and play on that as a platform!!!


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