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Sony Contemplating Lawsuit Over Change4Life Ad

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303w ago - If you haven't figured it out, the child is playing a video game with a controller similar to those of Sony's PlayStation brand.

Why is this such an issue? The company who was in charge of the ad, The Gate, did not seek permission from the gaming giant in order to utilize the obvious likeness of its controller.

The Change4Life ad campaign has been started by the British government in order to bring attention to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The image, which depicts a young child playing video games, gives off the impression that playing video games instead of going outside may lead to an early death.

A handful of other prominent companies in the gaming industry have already spoken out against this ad, including Sega, Atari, Future Publishing, TIGA, ELSPA and MCV.

It's not set in stone yet whether or not SCEE plans on going through with legal action against either The Gate or potentially the British government itself, but the image is definitely provocative from a gamer's point of view. That's not to say we don't value exercise - we love our sports and physical activities as much as everyone else - but gaming can certainly be part of a healthy lifestyle.

We'll be sure to watch closely as this develops.

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#2 - GZA1984 - 303w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
People should know that a long term stress life can lead to early deaths as well (like some high function jobs are very stressy!) or bad food habit. So basicly anything can cause an early death. What a stupid campaign!

#1 - CyanCaze - 303w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Yeah kid! Don't die by playing video games. Do it the way you mommy did, by over dosing on drugs and drowning in a pool of water.

Or better yet, go out and get drunk with some friends! Then take a wild ride in you car where you can kill other people. Hey they may die, but at least you will have lived 1 week longer then you would have if you were playing video games and enjoying your self with the little time you have on this planet.

You know I'm sorry, but if I remember correctly games keep kids off the street and actually makes their IQ higher over time. Obviously overplaying is bad for you, but since kids have to....
1: Go to school from 7:00AM-3:00PM,
2: Do their homework which normally takes 2 hours,
3: Go to bed around 9:00Pm to 10:00Pm to start again,
4: Normally have some after school program that is 1 hour long,
Take all that and you come up with kids have about 3-5 hours a day they have to them selves. I wounder what people would do if I put up signs with a picture of a pencil and paper saying "Don't die young, drop out of school."

On top of all that, signs like that are illegal in the USA, unless of course it's against tobacco. Then I can post millions of signs saying "Don't smoke around me because I'm a ignoramus." Yet if I want to post a sign saying "This house you relater is trying to sell had termites before and still has a lot of damage from them." I could go to jail.

Now I bring that off the topic statement to play because these are the people who will post every vile thing about your product, but if you say 1 bad thing about theirs they sew you.

We know tobacco is bad for you, and video games can hurt if you play too much. But to post something like this in a world of hysteria is nonsense. Do the research to find out who made this PSA and I can guarantee that you will find someone who would make more money if video games we're gone.

FACT:Most Anti-Tobacco PSA's are run by drug companies. If tobacco was outlawed, it would allow them to sell more anti-depressants, Perhaps cause a few more alcohol related accidents that cause many hospital bills.

In the long run, I apologize if I offended anyone. But I see the world as is, and when I see something that is against something that is pretty much harmless to get parents in a uproar about it.

Last note, if you disagree with me and believe that set people really care about you. Consider this, there are NO PSA's about the possible harmful effects of radiation from TV's and other electronics. Why? Everyone profits from Television. I can't think of 1 company who gets screwed over it. Just remember, everything has the potential to be deadly.


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