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Sales Ad Reveals XBox 360 Elite Drops to $299 on September 1st

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278w ago - As previously reported, today the sales ads for the first week of September at Walmart, Gamestop and Meijer show the Xbox 360 Elite priced at $299 and replacing the current Pro SKU which Microsoft is phasing out.

[Register or Login to view links] has managed to get a leaked photo of the Walmart ad as you can see below.

To quote: "In a move obviously designed to offset Sony's recent PS3 redesign and price drop, the $299 price point will take effect on the same day as the new PS3 launches - September 1st. The Arcade SKU will remain at $199."

Expect an official Microsoft announcement soon...

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#15 - Anthogno - 278w ago
Anthogno's Avatar
Guys, jesuz, rlly, plz stop hating Xbox
Its an amazing console, they both are.
You are like a bunch of 12 yo screaming: "mine is better".

RROD and e74 were permanently fixed on all models since summer 2008, dont bitch about that. 360 is still cheaper if you just want to play games. Here in europe you can pick up an arcrade for 179 (with lips and 2 mics) and play every single game you want.
Not much ppl can afford 300 euro for a toy like playstation/xbox-elite.

Lets just make sure that none of the both consoles is dominating right now, there is no obvious choice.

#14 - auronx - 278w ago
auronx's Avatar
xbox360 is waaay better, i've owned both but got rid of ps3 due to lack of exploits and exclusive expansion packs,x box 360 you can flash it and play games very early that get leaked on internet weeks before official release dates eg batman arkham asylum so in the future when big games are coming out like mw2 we 360 owners will manage to get it early before it hits the shops.

ps3 owners have to wait for the shop date or if anyone manages to get original copies only.. also 360 games get exclusive downloadable content that microsoft signs or buys so ps3 games are missing dlc eg oblivion 4 on 360 has like 10 dlc ps3 has only 2, the 360 is exploitable so we can expect loads of homebrew hdd loaders soon,360 will be getting PERFECT DARK 2 with perfect dark 1 n64 being released on xbla, the 360 has the same games as ps3 so theres no difference so XBOX 360 IS THE BEST RUN BY A BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS MAN FOR F SAKES.

#13 - GZA1984 - 278w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
Microsoft a copycat. what else is new?

- Apple wants a shop in that street, Microsoft puts their shop next to it.
- Sony launches a console (PS1), Microsoft thinks it can do better by launching one too.
- Mozilla implements smart search tool in firefox, Microsoft adds same functionality in IE.
- Sony drops price of their console, Microsoft announces price cut as well in the same period.
and the list goes on....

I'll be waiting for a Xbox360 slim announcement...

How come they don't copy the fact that mac users can buy their new OS (10.6?) for 30 euros, while Microsoft asks a price of 400 euros for their new OS. If you bought win98, xp, vista, they should at least give you a huge price cut. But I guess the MS mentallity = copy, steal and cash flows.

#12 - seed101 - 278w ago
seed101's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Drakhen View Post
I honestly dont see the big deal about the slim, I really feel the better gaming is on the xbox, yeah there are a few titles on the ps3 that stand out, metal gear being one of them, I have not really touched my ps3 in close to a year now, but game every day on the 360 why you ask, because the online functions are night and day different, and with netflix who really cares about the bluray function.

lol you me crack up! sorry i just cant ignore your comment. i know its not worth to reply to you! but just letting you know that there is a lot of pirated game on the xbox360 and 0% pirated game on the ps3. hacking a game in xbox 360 is easy than hacking a game in ps3 because of its complex cell processor.. FYI nobody hack the ps3 yet! that's the fact (at least not yet)
Quote Originally Posted by Drakhen View Post
I really think the 360 still is the better deal yeah I have had to send it back to Ms once due to the RROD but I also got the Yellow light on the ps3 and that had to go back to them as well, Live is less then $5 a month, and very well worth it, yeah online is free on ps3 but look how hacked call of duty is on there, no fun,.

talking about rrod (54%FR) & YLOD hahaha you are the one of the unlucky person in the world! go on youtube, look for xbox360 cod4 & cod5 hack and look for the date of the user then youll see that cod4 & cod5 got hack first on the xbox360 (no fun ..) before the ps3... btw ps3 is free! and i can save money! lol

you should be happy that somebody reply to you because i usually don't reply for this kind of ignorant comment..

#11 - otarumx - 278w ago
otarumx's Avatar
Why is it that whenever PS3s free online gets mentioned the 360 crowd call them "miles apart" and bash the online capabilities of PS3? I've played them both with the same game (CoD 4) and online they seem pretty much the same, the only difference I saw was that it' is so much easier to contact friends on 360 but paying $5 a month just to be able to contact my friends online in a more comfortable way does not justify the price and with each firmware upgrade it becomes easier to do on PS3. It's about time MS made Live free at least just to play online and stop bleeding it's users for something that should be free.


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