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Modern Warfare 2 Co-op Dropped as it 'Ruined the Experience'

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270w ago - In a recent interview with VG247.com (linked above), it was revealed that the original build of Modern Warfare 2 had a co-op campaign mode.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling briefly commented about it along with detailing a "substitute" for the co-op mode, Spec Ops mode.

To quote from the interview: "We did it early on; that's what Spec Ops started out as, as co-op through story," said Bowling when asked why Campaign co-op didn't make the final game.

"But it really broke the cinematic experience, took the immersion out of it, out of the story and the pacing and everything we'd spent so long crafting.

It just ruined the experience we were aiming for, so we took it out, kept the single-player for that one player intact and polished it."

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#11 - venom2442 - 270w ago
venom2442's Avatar
well i don't think it would've ruined the game, i think it still would have been a great game with the co-op campaign, but i guess its there decision lol. but aren't war games about team work and working together to get a mission done?

#10 - sk8r8sht - 270w ago
sk8r8sht's Avatar
I agree with mostly everybody, co-op to me usually seems to take away from the experience that you get from a single player campaign. It just doesnt seem to have the magic in most games.

#9 - semitope - 270w ago
semitope's Avatar
cod has always been highly scripted. Would be weird with 2 players I think. Though the could make it work.... meh... the real reason might never come out. This is activision we are talking about. Maybe they are saving it for mw3 (milk wagon 3.... )

#8 - Darkskyva - 270w ago
Darkskyva's Avatar
i read that they didnt put the co-op in because dvd9 cant hold it they would had to have 2 disc. they didnt want that so they drop co-op

#7 - Rocky5 - 270w ago
Rocky5's Avatar
The 360 hinders what can be in the game due to the xbox live and the hd-dvd so it isnt the same and As long as the online still kicks ass it will be good

am sorry but what the hell has Xbox live got to do with CO-OP if anything it would be better on the xbox also it has nothing to do with the media its on as all xbox 360 games to date have not used the full 8+GBs of space so typical fanboys putting down a game based on there own hypocritical thoughts.

most likely the reason it was dropped was because as they stated it took away the experience we were aiming for but also they may not have had time to write a new plot and story for CO-OP they do have time limmits to work by and since MP is now the big thing they would have wanted to spend more time on this side.

also if they did release it with a half arsed CO-OP no dough you would be in here moaning that its crap and why did they put it in.

at the end of the day this game is going to rock in SP and in MP as long as the hackers stay out.


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