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Microsoft's Top 7 Reasons for a PC Gamer to Get Windows 7

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284w ago - Today (via IGN, linked above) Microsoft offers its top seven reasons for a PC gamer to get the new operating system this October:

1) Performance

To quote a coworker: 'Across same hardware, Crysis runs awesome on Win7! Even better than XP!'. Code for the OS has been optimized for better all around performance for games. Whatever you're playing now should be a better experience in Windows 7.

2) Compatibility

The top third-party games, services, and international versions of games have been tested in Windows 7, so you should not worry about Windows 7 breaking your games. Feel free to move to Windows 7 because whatever you're playing now should work fabulously in Windows 7.

3) Discoverability

You can use Start -> Search to find any game you just downloaded or installed. No need to launch a separate application. Likewise, you won't need to launch a game to get more info about it: The Windows 7 Games Explorer can show you in-game statistics within a preview pane plus delivers up-to-date info about your favorite game publishers and gives you the opportunity to try new games.

4) Easy updates

The new Games Explorer will notify you whenever updates are available for your games so you don't have to go searching for them yourself or have to launch the game to see if there's an update waiting.

5) DirectX 11 support

DirectX 11 means better games, pure and simple, with more advanced features for games to use.

6) Multitouch support

An increasing number of gamers are using mutltouch devices. Windows 7 supports multitouch-capable machines, so you can buy the latest and greatest multitouch laptop or desktop confident it's going to work in Windows 7.

7) Classics

Here's a bonus reason for you: Windows 7 is going to bring back Internet Backgammon, Internet Spades, and Internet Checkers because you can't spend all your time hardcore.

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#5 - apie - 279w ago
apie's Avatar
I'm running Windows 7 RTM Professional x64 from MSDN right now. I really have to say that i just recognized minor speed improvement in 3D games compared to Vista Business x64.

Booting seems a litte bit faster to me... The desktop enviroment is as fast / slow as in Vista

Till know i had no compatiblity issues.

Suprisingly i didn't need to install any drivers after the installation, everything worked fine

#4 - alphaquake - 279w ago
alphaquake's Avatar
win7 out performs vista but until the first service pack is release your sure to experience a compatibility issue or some kind of bug. it would be sick to install it on a ps3 tho.

#3 - maxpwer222 - 282w ago
maxpwer222's Avatar
I am currently running the leaked retail Windows 7 Ultimate. It is very nice.

#2 - JeffJ - 283w ago
JeffJ's Avatar
Win 7 rocks my socks. i never touched vista after having to fix it all the time at work... but win 7 is what vista should have been. i've been running it since they released the beta to Tech-Net subscribers such as myself

#1 - Yixi - 283w ago
Yixi's Avatar
Im using Windows 7 RC x64 right now and its cool, you can see my gaming videos on my youtube channel (youtube.com/esenjay22). Yes, this OS is pretty good, 100x better than Vista, i was using Ultimate x64 too and it was horrible after half of year using, lags like hell. Games were not so bad on Vista (especially new games with DX10 looks better but it cost many FPS ) but now on 7 i can feel great preformance of my rig :

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5GHz
6GB DDRII RAM 800MHz (4GB A-DATA Extreme Gaming E. 1066MHz + 2GB Kingston 800MHz)
ZOTAC nVidia GeForce 9800GT 512MB GDDRIII RAM 256bit
ASUS P5Q Deluxe motherboard
500GB + 250GB SATAII

yes, i have a lot of RAM beacause of that im runing a lot of programs together, when im in development (PhotoShop takes a lot, Sony Vegas, Visual Studio etc. and its great to have running Crysis, GRID and GTA IV and switching between them without any lags )


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