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Microsoft's Horrible Windows 7 Dilemma

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311w ago - It's not a Windows Vista killer - Windows Vista fulfils that role quite well enough, thank you. But it's hard to know how excited Microsoft itself is about Windows 7.

Show it too much love, and it's effectively agreeing with everyone who hates Vista - and sometimes it feels like that really is everyone.

So Microsoft is keeping Windows 7 at a distance, and not saying that much about it at all - or perhaps just enough to stop its users going on and on about how much they love Windows XP.

A nice counterpoint is Apple, which actually does get excited about new versions of its Mac OS X operating system - or as excited as a cold, controlling organisation run by one cool man can be.

Obviously, Apple's manic users go way over the top in their pant-wetting love of Jaguar, Tiger, Leopard, et al - tatooing System Preference icons on their faces, endlessly rolling their cursor along the Dock with Magnification set on Maximum, leaving their screens on all night so they fall asleep under the warm glow of a Time Machine backup.

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#7 - computers6 - 311w ago
computers6's Avatar
From the BETA Windows 7 looks pretty promising. It starts up a bit faster than XP and alot of things load faster too. Hopefully the final product is alot better than Vista. Since after its released XP is basicly done and everyone will have to upgrade.

#6 - Tsusai - 311w ago
Tsusai's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dbarrade View Post
OK, so when you enter a command prompt, why is it showing version 6.1.7000 instead of 7.x? Is this just a GUI patch to Vista like the XP (5.1) patch to Win 2000 (5.0)?

Good news is; it boots and shuts down faster than XP on the same hardware with similar spec anti virus and install... in my brief testing at least.

It uses the newer Vista kernel (which I haven't broken), but they've fixed (or fixing) the shell part in 7 which is what we, the user, interface with. I've noticed alot of speeder actions in 7, but I just wished a few of my games didn't have some visual issues. Price of not being able to play CnC95 and others that old I guess XD

#5 - Warrorar - 311w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
im still uing xp because its atm the best windows available..
it lso has bugs but its better then vista or 7 =/

#4 - sharks - 311w ago
sharks's Avatar
Hold on!! Let's not get too excited about the new upcoming windows. it's still in beta (or whatever stage it's still in) so as long as it's not final, we cannot really say it's faster than xp, as MS is known to add and patch things up with useless stuff like DRM protections and who knows what DRM version or other useless crap they'll force into the system at launch, apart from the usual crap; IE & Co.

#3 - jimhaddon - 311w ago
jimhaddon's Avatar
Same in my tests too - loads a little quicker than XP on same hardware.


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