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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Anti-piracy Update (KB971033)

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252w ago - When you are installing updates over the next week or so be aware that Microsoft has finally released their anti-piracy update (KB971033) which can cause issues for many Windows 7 users, even those who got their copy of Windows 7 legitimately.

To quote: "For those of you who have a pirated copy of Windows 7 or have bought your computer from Dell, Best Buy or Gateway where Windows 7 was pre-installed you may want to stay away from this update.

While it isn't supposed to make your operating system unusable, it will keep asking you to pay for it and will also make your wallpaper a boring blank solid color.

So before you decide to just install all of your updates when you shut down your computer make sure you check to make sure the file isn't downloaded and ready to install. This is of course if you did not install the operating system yourself or pirated it."

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#21 - Kraken - 252w ago
Kraken's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
Well I see the thread went from informative to how-to patch a pirated copy of win7. Truth is companys are getting greedy and we should be discussing why we need MS to keep pushing us all the time. We have wonderful operating systems free and we can always pay for a legit copy.

What do you guys think, is it so bad to pay for a piece of software you use everyday? I really think paying for something you use everyday is worth every penny, but why do we keep pirating, prices to high? Or just human nature?

My new Laptop came with Windows 7 32-bit home premium. It also came with 4GB of RAM that a 32-bit OS can't see, and many gigabytes of crapware. Furthermore, I need Remote Desktop which is inexplicably missing from Home Premium, and I'm not going to pay $400 for a single feature. So I reformatted and installed pirated 64-bit. On a different computer, my father purchased Windows 7 and it took us 5 hours to activate the legit version (it blew away xp during the install instead of upgrading from it). We own more legit copies of Windows than anyone, yet nearly all of my computers contain pirated Windows. I'm just sick of jumping through M$'s hoops.

Quote Originally Posted by foresttree1 View Post
Thanks for the heads up. Still confused why they would even cause legit users who buy the os preinstalled problems too.

One of the activation hacks makes your computer look like a Dell, Gateway, etc. and tells M$ it was activated at the factory. Many people speculated that M$ wouldn't be able to catch those users since they would catch legit users too. Apparently M$ doesn't care about false positives and this is yet another reason why it sucks to have legit Windows.

#20 - evilsperm - 252w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
If you want I can post on how to mod your own bios and never have to worry about an activation crack

#19 - semitope - 252w ago
semitope's Avatar
This nearly got installed on my PC. I started a shutdown and saw updates installing, then remembered something about this update and waited till the updates installed to see if it was installed. Upon starting windows I noticed it was still in the updates list to be installed so avoided that bit of "malware" Hid the update and won't see it again hopefully.

#18 - skatomelato - 252w ago
skatomelato's Avatar
Microsoft finally made something for piracy... But I don't care. As long as I know that this update will be avti-piracy I am not going to install it!!!

I think that, a hack to avoid it will be realesed soon after that.

#17 - proskopina - 252w ago
proskopina's Avatar
thanks!! i'll keep this in mind!!!


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