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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Anti-piracy Update (KB971033)

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251w ago - When you are installing updates over the next week or so be aware that Microsoft has finally released their anti-piracy update (KB971033) which can cause issues for many Windows 7 users, even those who got their copy of Windows 7 legitimately.

To quote: "For those of you who have a pirated copy of Windows 7 or have bought your computer from Dell, Best Buy or Gateway where Windows 7 was pre-installed you may want to stay away from this update.

While it isn't supposed to make your operating system unusable, it will keep asking you to pay for it and will also make your wallpaper a boring blank solid color.

So before you decide to just install all of your updates when you shut down your computer make sure you check to make sure the file isn't downloaded and ready to install. This is of course if you did not install the operating system yourself or pirated it."

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#26 - CompTronicsTec - 251w ago
CompTronicsTec's Avatar
I'm not worried about it now because its obvious and optional, you can just not install it. As others have pointed out even if you overcome it now, it will update in the future and i dont want to play the "find an updated crack" game every few months.

Honestly if MS didnt want us to pirate W7, then why do the same cracks for vista work for W7...dont you think they woulda tried fixing that before release?

What im really worried about, is when the Service Packs are released and this KB971033 is integrated into them and then its not really optional anymore. Not that i know they will, but it seems likely that it would be a good MS strategy, as most people want the SP's.

Also, while im sure SLic mods are moderately safe, im just not comfortable modifying my bios. Im using W7 loader 1.6 and its worked beautifully. Im just gonna ignore this patch and hope that the service packs dont integrate it.

#25 - PS3 News - 251w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mookiept View Post
Please do so, info for those who don't know how to do it is usually welcome.

I'm not sure that will be allowed on this forum though...

I'm fine with people talking about how to mod their PC BiOS, so to confirm it's allowed here and I will +Rep when he shares the scoop.

#24 - mookiept - 251w ago
mookiept's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
If you want I can post on how to mod your own bios and never have to worry about an activation crack

Please do so, info for those who don't know how to do it is usually welcome.

I'm not sure that will be allowed on this forum though...

Anyways, I'm still waiting for this update to show up on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64

#23 - Tsusai - 251w ago
Tsusai's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by 51N15T3R View Post
I think because the pirated copies use OEM keys..

That is exactly it. For instance, the Daz loader creates a random/custom grub4dos loader on the boot partition. This bootloader puts the SLIC data into memory (probably close to where the BIOS is in RAM), then chainloads into Windows. Except for the memory mod part, its the same mechanics someone dual booting linux to Win 7 uses.

Then on the windows side, the oem certificate and key are inserted. Windows compares it to the modded BIOS info in memory and approves it.

#22 - 51N15T3R - 251w ago
51N15T3R's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by foresttree1 View Post
Thanks for the heads up. Still confused why they would even cause legit users who buy the os preinstalled problems too.

I think because the pirated copies use OEM keys..


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