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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Anti-piracy Update (KB971033)

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252w ago - When you are installing updates over the next week or so be aware that Microsoft has finally released their anti-piracy update (KB971033) which can cause issues for many Windows 7 users, even those who got their copy of Windows 7 legitimately.

To quote: "For those of you who have a pirated copy of Windows 7 or have bought your computer from Dell, Best Buy or Gateway where Windows 7 was pre-installed you may want to stay away from this update.

While it isn't supposed to make your operating system unusable, it will keep asking you to pay for it and will also make your wallpaper a boring blank solid color.

So before you decide to just install all of your updates when you shut down your computer make sure you check to make sure the file isn't downloaded and ready to install. This is of course if you did not install the operating system yourself or pirated it."

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#41 - kenned1 - 252w ago
kenned1's Avatar
didnt they make the one for vista part of the sp? when they put out sp1 it invalidated peoples vista even tho they had already not installed the anti-piracy patch.. and when i saw this update i laughed.

#40 - CompTronicsTec - 252w ago
CompTronicsTec's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by final94 View Post
But there is no advantage for anyone as it is confirmed that the Update will definitely come with the first service pack for win 7.

Who has confirmed this? Its my personal belief they will throw it in SP1, as i mentioned in this thread, but i have not heard from any source that its certainly going to be part of the SP's.

#39 - evilsperm - 252w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
Just did an online validation test with the loader i have mentioned earlier in one of my post and this is what it says after the online validation test from microsoft.

Windows validation was successful
Now you can take advantage of all the value genuine Windows provides, including extras!

So i am still going good on this little program i mention yet as it does set the slic in the bios for you and tells you if you are activated or not also.

You are not correct... The loaders make a gurb boot loader and inject SLIC in the loader itself and does not modify your bios at all. The activation crack from hazzar and everyone is hit or miss right now as I have seen get popped on a few systems long before this new patch from M$. The only way to be 100% sure you'll never gt hit by ms is to mod your bios.

@ ModderFokker: this link still works I just tested it.

#38 - final94 - 252w ago
final94's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dvdesign View Post
BTW, just fyi.

Even though the KB971033 update is listed as an important update, you can right click on it and hide it (essentially ignore). From then on when you run windows update it will show as up-to-date (not 1 important) until they release other updates that you may not have. KB971033 will no longer show in the list of updates, and thus no accidentally applying it.

You're right. But there is no advantage for anyone as it is confirmed that the Update will definitely come with the first service pack for win 7.

So get ready to install the download without your knowing or just don't update und feed the virus with your os

#37 - ModderFokker - 252w ago
ModderFokker's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post

Ok to get started download this package: [Register or Login to view links] (mirror this if you want)

Seems to be removed..


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