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Metal Gear Solid 4 on XBox 360 Rumors Gain Ground

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322w ago - According to a Tokyo Game Show report from Japanese investment research firm Morningstar, Metal Gear Solid 4 may find its way to the Xbox 360 after all.

Morningstar published a general article covering multiplatform trends that features a quote from a Konami public relations representative that should fuel rumors for months to come.

The rep is quoted as saying, regarding MGS4, "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360." While this isn't a confirmation of it coming, it does lend hope to those Xbox 360 owners who haven't plunked down money on a PS3.

However, this little quote doesn't clear the major hurdle Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has listed for the title coming to Xbox 360. He has been quoted in several interviews saying a port was likely impossible due to the game being optimized for the PS3 hardware, specifically Blu-ray discs.

IGN has contacted Konami's US representatives for a comment and is awaiting a response.

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#6 - jeRrRKKKK - 319w ago
jeRrRKKKK's Avatar
i've got a ps3 and mgs4, dont see why people love the game so much, seems too much of a trouble trying to get past computer bots for me...

i'd rather play games where i don't have my character crouching at 1 corner, waiting for computer bots to walk past before i run for my other corner AND THEN crouch and wait for MORE computer bots to walk past...

dumb game.

#5 - DMagic1 - 322w ago
DMagic1's Avatar
Was there ever a breakdown of how much of the game sized is video?

I remember playing the game until 4am once and said I would go to bed after the cutscenes and mission video finished. I ended up going to bed at 4:30am. There is a ton of video in this game. I dont know what format it is but thats the best place to start. If that is a large part of the size then its possible a different video format or codec could yeild more free space.

I see this as a win win situation. If it releases for the 360 it helps the game developer, makes 360 owners happy, and make the next MGS game that much better for PS3 owners because of even higher interest. More interest/sells means larger budgets.

#4 - PeacefulDiscord - 322w ago
PeacefulDiscord's Avatar
I know this has been said by DMagic1 but someone should really make these companies aware of the fact that even if it did come out on the XBox 360 it would need an XBox that has an HDD and it would require... hmm... 50/8.5 (If on DVD9) = around 6 DVDs....

And that 50GB is compressed... thus the installations in between Acts... so if it was uncompressed... we are looking at 8 - 10 DVDs... I don't think it is feasible...

Plus... Most people don't want to be bothered by getting up and changing discs every so often and certainly don't want to fork out some cash to upgrade their XBox's HDD.. unless they are MGS fans, which if they are, they are supposed to have the game by now on the PS3 and have finished it a gazillion times!!


What pisses me off is that many of these so called PS3-exclusives are suddenly popping up on the Xbox 360... Now I ain't a fanboy or anything as frankly.. I don't care!

But it made me feel good that my favorite games on the Playstation Console was still being made only for said console!
Final Fantasy, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid...

Now all those games are being released multi-platform... I know that companies like Konami, Namco, EA (yekh), Square-Enix etc. are businesses and like all businesses they are in it for the cash but it would have been nice if they still were loyal in a way to the console that made them what they are...

Yes.. I know that FF and MGS actually came out on Nintendo consoles but Nintendo's consoles are not nearly as powerful enough as they were during the NES and SNES age!!

Anyhoo... I am off to cool down!

#3 - DMagic1 - 322w ago
DMagic1's Avatar
Placing a game on 3 or 4 disc would'nt affect the cost that much. A press game disc doesnt cost the maker much. The packaging and printed material may cost as much as the actually game disc. Its not like that disc cost them 5 bucks for each game. Hopefully you dont think that? There are already a few 360 games that come as a 2 disc.

DVD9 = dual layer
DVD5 = single layer

I'm surprised you never heard of this although its may be talked about more in movie editing and authoring forums.

#2 - CyanCaze - 322w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DMagic1 View Post
It would seem that the 360s upcoming new feature to install games to the harddrive would help in that area. Even if they have to release the game on 3 dvd9 disc and do installs to harddrive for every few chapters much like the PS3 does.

I believe the whole install to harddrive feature coming to the 360 isnt so much about loading games faster. I think its more about getting around the size limitations of a dvd9 disc.
Doesn't matter. They could fit it all on 4 DVD's before Problem is cost. Also 360 cores are never going to stop haunting the 360. And the Xbox arcade only has 512 MB memory. Not nearly enough for MGS4.

Btw why did you call it dvd9? Is that something I'm not aware of? I'm not trying to flame you or make fun of you or anything. Just seems odd you said dvd9 twice.

Anyway to produce MGS4 on the 360 would cost prob 2 or more dollar extra with all the disc's.

So if the 360 get's MGS4 so be it. It's like Bioshock.


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