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Kojima's NEXT Site Gets a Countdown Timer

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292w ago - As a follow-up to the previous article of a Japanese magazine ad indicating that Kojima's new project will be revealed on the 18th of May, a countdown timer has now appeared.

The game is set to be revealed later today on Kojima's [Register or Login to view links] Web site (also linked above).

Now... when the thunder sounds, you can see a 5... but, for what Kojima's used to offer us, it's hard to belive a Metal Gear 5, and I'd say it's rather an S than a 5 (five).

Feel free to share your comments below!

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#8 - Daxbau - 292w ago
Daxbau's Avatar
Kotaku had a nice runddown on the many interpretations this teaser site has to offer...

[Register or Login to view links]

to quote:
And they've found the following:

- Analysing the page's source code via Flash, it seems that the current countdown on the site is but one of five clocks that will run on the site over the next few weeks. Absolutely absurd, yes, and PR companies, know it's an abhorrent practice, but what's interesting about this is that the fifth one runs out on June 1. Or, the day of Microsoft's E3 press conference (Sony's is a day later, on June 2).

- The site occasionally flashes white when lightning flashes. At the bottom of the screen, you can clearly see the words "APRIL 2007". Does that mean anything to hardcore series fans?

- The site's search keywords are "Hideo Kojima", "MGS", "METAL GEAR", "NEXT", "game", "Konami", "Kojima game", "KJP", "Kojima Production". Interesting that, if they're search engine keywords, none of them say "MGS5".

I for one hate this countdown teaser announcements of announcements of announcements bs

#7 - Russky - 292w ago
Russky's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post

really interesting investigation ( +1 rep ) ... so this announcement gonna be for sure about MGS ... it's a nummber 5 in this animation and it's gonna be about MGS ... so 1 + 1 = 2 ... MGS + 5 = MGS5

#6 - Foolishness - 292w ago
Foolishness's Avatar
I seriously doubt its MG5 it to close to when 4 was release if its anything about Metal Gear 5 then it would be just a announcement that its in works.

#5 - GZA1984 - 292w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
In my opinion that symbol could stand for:

Snake (returns)
MS (as in Microsoft)

....nah forget about that last one :P

I just checked the webpage's source code and found the following:


#4 - Russky - 292w ago
Russky's Avatar
if it's for snake .. then for which snake .. meanwhile there are some of them and sth. else ... if the backround picture got some connection with the game ... then i don't think that its mgs ... it's too countrified.
when i saw the animation i had to think about the film "Sleepy Hollow" ... land,fog,lightning,clouds ... could be a horror game also


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