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Industry Mole Says PS3 & XBox 360 Price Drops Coming This Fall

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286w ago - According to Arstechnica's favorite inside source, a price drop is coming to both the Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBox 360 consoles this fall.

To quote: Since we can't name the source, we're treating all this information as rumor, but the Mole's reputation in the industry for breaking large stories and outstanding track record for accuracy speaks for itself.

The 80GB model is going to see some serious hardware constraints in the weeks ahead, and retailers have about 60 days worth of inventory before the systems will become hard to find. Expect to see many more 160GB units on store shelves.

Those units have no constraints yet, but if the retailers sell through that supply as quickly as they did the 80GB, Sony is in a good place for the final part of its plan in 2009: dropping the price of hardware and launching the PS3 Slim in the fall.

Expect the Xbox 360 Pro to disappear in July or August, but you're going to see some solid bundles to get those systems moving off store shelves. The Halo 3/Fable 2 bundle the Mole previously tipped us off to shows that Microsoft is willing to put some good games into the box to get people buying.

So what are we going to do without the Pro systems? Nothing. The Elite units, with the 120GB hard drive, are going to become the Pro-level system after an early September price cut. We'll be on the lookout for another holiday bundle as well, and that should hit around October.

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#4 - AKmania - 285w ago
AKmania's Avatar
ps3 will drop the price that was obiously. The problem is if they don't drop the game price i think they will hard to compete with 360. they allready have the next generation what about ps3 ? not at all

i hope they will drop the game price soon.

i wish ......
i hope......
i pray......

#3 - CyanCaze - 285w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Hm... a $100 360... Yep, Nintendo is toast. Finally that little Wii is going to be destroyed.

#2 - PS3 News - 285w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dagnillo View Post
Unless Sony announces it, it's all rumor, conjecture and hearsay.

Ars Technica is essentially just as good as Sony confirming it themselves.

#1 - dagnillo - 285w ago
dagnillo's Avatar
Wow give it up already!! It's been what, a year or two of continuous "price drop" rumors? Enough is enough!! It will happen WHEN IT HAPPENS. Unless Sony announces it, it's all rumor, conjecture and hearsay.


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