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Hindus Want Sony to Pull Recent PS2 Exclusive Hanuman Game

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283w ago - Hindus have reportedly urged Sony Corporation to withdraw the newly released "Hanuman: Boy Warrior" video game for PlayStation 2 console, saying it trivializes the highly revered deity of Hinduism.

To quote: We posted with some excitement a few weeks back that India had produced their first video game, Hanuman: Boy Warrior. Sadly, the game hasn't gone down too well with the Hindu community.

Rajan Zed, an acclaimed Hindu statesman, [Register or Login to view links] that the game put players in control of the Lord Hanuman, while in reality believers put the destiny of themselves in the hands of their deities. He said the re-imagining the scriptures for commercial gain would hurt devotees.

No word on whether Sony are going to pull the game or not yet, but it's obviously a very sensitive matter for Hindus.

We can't help but think it's a shame though, we were genuinely really excited for India's developer's putting out their first release and, now this.

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sorceror's Avatar
#6 - sorceror - 282w ago
I am an Indian Muslim living in London. I was brought up in india. I support the demand of Hindus in India. Hanuman is one of the Great Gods for Them. By making a Hanuman Game people can make Hanuman Kill innocent people or Haanuman can Die which is not accepted by them. Why to play and make a Game which hurt Someone? I dont think i will ever buy this Game.
So don't buy it.

I'm an American atheist living in America, married to a Catholic. Our kids played "The Simpsons Game", where in the climax you have to beat the Judeo-Christian God in a dance-off. I don't recall any protests about that. The "God of War" series would probably be very offensive to believers in the ancient Greek pantheon... but they don't have a terribly big lobby.

Sorry, but freedom means the right to be wrong, to say things that other people don't like. I can't tell you how many times a week I run into people saying or writing that atheists are selfish, humorless sociopaths just moments away from killing or raping. The answer to bad speech is good speech.

Use it as an educational ploy to tell people about Hinduism, put out articles and websites that tell about what Hindus believe about Haanuman, etc. That's the way to handle it.

sharks's Avatar
#5 - sharks - 282w ago
Apparently, it seems we now have an addition to the genres of games; religious action characters, coming next in Street Fighter or Tekken maybe?

Let's just consider this for a moment - what if some developer made a game featuring Jesus Christ fighting and dying if mission failed, and killing people, like in GTA. As far as i know, Jesus never killed, bad or good. This might prove funny to some, but i don't think all the Christians around the world would agree with allowing this game to exist and demean their God. There would be a definite uproar and probably the game company would have to close down, with public apologies for their shortsightedness. Or worse, for all the religious extremists which concentrate mainly in the Middle East, what if some game developer created a character from Muslim's Allah or some of their strong religious figures, and then plastered that in a game, with controllable consequences on what could happen to these emblematic popular religious figures.... There might be bombs going off in all of these game stores, and i wouldn't be surprised if it did happen. And no, i'm not Muslim, i just watch the news regularly (it's not really a secret after 9/11).

I don't know guys... i'm in no way a religious fanatic, BUT the beliefs of all gamers or even the non-gaming community, should NOT be tested via the release of this kind of entertainment. This just feels WRONG. For non-gamers, knowing this kind of entertainment even exists and is freely allowed to circulate or bought by anyone, is not pleasing or even acceptable.

To play with characters created for the sake of the game, is perfectly OK. But to implement highly controversial and opinionated religious figures or representations into a game, i'm really surprised that Sony could think it's alright to publish or even develop that kind of game in the first place. I mean, look at all the unrest in the world. In the Middle East, for instance, it's all about religion and different beliefs, that made people kill each other. They hate each other, not because either side of the war have bad people that they know personally, but mostly because of their religion which they were born with. So, it doesn't matter who they blow up; innocent men, women or children - as long as they are not part of these terrorists' own beliefs. Knowing this, making a game which trivializes faith of massive number of people, is seriously adding fuel to the fire and in some parts of the world, this could end up being gravely criticized and pointed at as demeaning and insulting.

Something is going to come down on this attitude at game development. Hopefully the game is pulled and the hate/protests spree is averted by the game developers. There are many hundred millions of Hindus in the world and most of them hold true to their beliefs, so i don't see how this game is ever going to get around the world without some resistance, that is, if it's not pulled.

altervi's Avatar
#4 - altervi - 283w ago
its a new fight arcade game for ps2?

Veritech's Avatar
#3 - Veritech - 283w ago
I am an Indian Muslim living in London. I was brought up in india. I support the demand of Hindus in India. Hanuman is one of the Great Gods for Them. By making a Hanuman Game people can make Hanuman Kill innocent people or Haanuman can Die which is not accepted by them. Why to play and make a Game which hurt Someone? I dont think i will ever buy this Game.
I can understand where you are coming from with this. But on the other hand if players outside of those beliefs played the title and liked it, it would open there minds a bit and help them feel less alienated around peoples of those beliefs.

Unfortunately at the same time, players might take in the game as what those gods and godesses stand for as what the videogame portrays instead of the real side of the religious scriptures.

It's a lose, lose situation for everyone at this point. I would love to play the title as I have a need for original game concepts, unfortunately a lot of hard work and effort might be destroyed.

JeffJ's Avatar
#2 - JeffJ - 283w ago
its nothing personal, why cant people ever see this. its a GAME.

every single game out there offends some one in some way. and if we pull them all because of this then we have none left. if you don't like the game or it offends you the answer is simple. do not buy it. and do not play it. If a game can make you question your religion, then you must not be that devoted. And if a god dieing in a game bothers you so much, then the line between entertainment and real life is too thin in your life style. and if thats the case you have bigger fish to fry and people around you may or may not be in danger.

again, sorry if i offended but common people, games are games life is life and there is a severe difference that you should be able to identify.

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