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Hindus Want Sony to Pull Recent PS2 Exclusive Hanuman Game

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296w ago - Hindus have reportedly urged Sony Corporation to withdraw the newly released "Hanuman: Boy Warrior" video game for PlayStation 2 console, saying it trivializes the highly revered deity of Hinduism.

To quote: We posted with some excitement a few weeks back that India had produced their first video game, Hanuman: Boy Warrior. Sadly, the game hasn't gone down too well with the Hindu community.

Rajan Zed, an acclaimed Hindu statesman, [Register or Login to view links] that the game put players in control of the Lord Hanuman, while in reality believers put the destiny of themselves in the hands of their deities. He said the re-imagining the scriptures for commercial gain would hurt devotees.

No word on whether Sony are going to pull the game or not yet, but it's obviously a very sensitive matter for Hindus.

We can't help but think it's a shame though, we were genuinely really excited for India's developer's putting out their first release and, now this.

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#16 - Dudemanword - 280w ago
Dudemanword's Avatar
I myself think that this maybe a huge misconception. i am also a hindu and I agree that because Hanuman has been in movies and cartoons, he should be depicted on the next level of entertainment... video games. I remember in Prince of Persia, there were paintings of Hindu deities all over the place. I do not see that it is a big jump from seeing to actually playing as the god.

#15 - absarhegde - 281w ago
absarhegde's Avatar
i am a muslim, it doesnt mean that i'll enjoy the game because Lord Hanumaan is killing innocent people or he is dieing in the game. as said above its just a game, and everygame has a story in it, so children will come to know the truth and they will understand better this way...

the hard believers can be affected by this, if they take it negatively, but from my side i'll support this game because at the moment only hindus knows about LORD hanumaan's story, but with this game everyone will know what was he actually.. as there are loads of children who are crazy about such games..

thats all i can say...
once again i repeat, am not supporting this game because am muslim or something..
its just for entertainment and knowledge too

#14 - Great0ne - 285w ago
Great0ne's Avatar
Firstly I like to mention that I am a Hindu myself. I cannot comment on the physical game itself as I have not played the game. I think it is a good idea to teach the youth about religion and culture even if it through a game because they are the ones that are majority gamers.

But from what I have been reading in the previous posts, "Hanuman Kill innocent people or Haanuman can Die", I think this depends on the player. I suggest one should play the game before making comments of the incorrect depiction of Lord Hanuman. It all depends on what you as the player do in the game.

Movies and cartoons were made in the past of Hanuman - This is also a form of entertainment, so video games are not much different. I think this isn't about religion, it's more about an issue of video games.

#13 - saviour07 - 291w ago
saviour07's Avatar
how have i just proved your point?
I'm neither Muslim, christian, Hindu or Jew

i am not saying the game itself should be banned or is offensive...
what i am saying is that your statement "other religions would want to kill people over it. I'm hoping the Hindus aren't like that, but I think Muslims would be." is offensive because you aren't talking about the game offending the people who's faith it is centric of, but are implying that followers of a completely different religious belief, would definitely kill over being offended by such a concept.

believing that others would go to such extremes over a game is stupid, and implying that Muslims would do such a thing IS offensive.

i care very little as to whether you think i am one of those people who take religion too seriously or not, because that is not my point here... my point is to show you that stating Muslims or any other religion would kill others simply because of whatever preconceptions you may have is offensive and is an opinion best kept to yourself

#12 - RobG - 292w ago
RobG's Avatar
You just proved my point.



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