Heads Up 360 Devs: Old XBox 360 XDKs Hitting China Market

222w ago - Recently old XBox 360 XDK's have been hitting the China market, in case any 360 Devs were interested in grabbing one.

After Microsoft released the new XNA, all XBox developers are entitled to get a free upgrade from their old one.

Where do the old ones go? Microsoft will pass them along to labs to destroy them before being thrown away.

The labs, however, often just breaks all the ports and front panel and then sends them on to China to be melted down. Instead of just melting them down, people there actually rework them and are beginning to resell them now.

If you know people who live in China or via the Internet, it's a good chance to get an XDK considerably cheaper!

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samara80's Avatar
#10 - samara80 - 222w ago
This is great news if you ask me, because I have done business with sellers from China before and not only are the prices cheaper (I've gotten deals with less than half-price) but from the people I've conducted it with, they were very reliable. I have gotten a few bad batches of equipment here and there, but like I said, no problems in any exchanges what so ever.

This does pose another issue though, and that would be scamming. It is obvious common sense to try and do some research whenever trading with someone overseas (in China, certain districts/ provinces are prone to scams. Get duped, and no one can do anything about it.)

So if anyone plans on buying these 360s, always make sure the seller seems legit, and try some background research first. (Almost got duped into LCD TVs once, they were being sold at about 55% original price. After some more in depth research, found out it was a scam...) Good luck to all who will be making purchases with the Chinese!

have you bought an xbox 360 xdk from the taobao web site? does it work?


shummyr's Avatar
#9 - shummyr - 222w ago
Check out these links:



They will provide you with all the info you seek.

xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
#8 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 222w ago
yes you can, providing that you do the proper steps.

In addition to that, you must also make sure you have a pre-June manufactured console (identifiable on the sticker) and that your kernel has not been updated to the newer ones, 8.x.x.x (forgot what exactly. Sucks for me, had the perfect model but went online and got it updated >.

shummyr's Avatar
#7 - shummyr - 222w ago
With the new Jtag and Homebrew stuff, can run backups from retail 360's HDD?
yes you can, providing that you do the proper steps.

SCE's Avatar
#6 - SCE - 222w ago
With the new Jtag and Homebrew stuff, can run backups from retail 360's HDD?

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