Guide: How to Use a SixAxis Controller Under Windows Vista x64

267w ago - I've made this tutorial, because I had many troubles with installing my SixAxis controller under Windows Vista x64.

Download: Here

1. Download and extract the files

2. Open LibUSB64bit folder and run infwizard.exe. Click on next and select "USB Composite Device" from the list. Click next twice and save the file.

3. Go to Control Panel and open "Add hardware", select "Install drivers for older devices with Add Hardware wizard".

4. Select Install hardware manually from list, select "Show all devices", click "Have disk" and browse your computer for the file you created in step 2. If you get an error about compatibility, ignore it and continue.

5. Now install libusb-win32-filter-bin-, but make sure you set compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 (Right click on installation file, click properties, Compatibility tab, Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP Sp2 and click OK).

6. !!IMPORTANT!! Now you must restart your computer, but remember to press F8 during boot! A screen will appear and scroll down to select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". You must do this every time you boot your computer, or your usb controllers wont work.

7. Now Plug your Sixaxis in, start sixaxis64.exe, press Ps3 button once.

8. You are now able to calibrate the Sixaxis in Control Panel.

Make 2 shortcuts of the install-filter.exe in LibUSB64bit folder. One with -i for install and the other one with -u for uninstall. You have to run your install-filter shortcut with -u everytime before you shutdown otherwise you will get a blue screen. And you have to run the -i shortcut everytime after booting vista.

Sorry about my bad english.

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PS3 News's Avatar
#12 - PS3 News - 265w ago
Hi, does the DS3 work under vista X64 or just on vista X32?
Read before posting... try page one, -Rep.

shadowblade03's Avatar
#11 - shadowblade03 - 265w ago
Hi, does the DS3 work under vista X64 or just on vista X32?

PS3 News's Avatar
#10 - PS3 News - 265w ago
do you have to take the controller apart?
Did you read above before posting? The answer though is no, you do not have to take the controller apart.

DeAndreUchiha's Avatar
#9 - DeAndreUchiha - 265w ago
do you have to take the controller apart?

PS3 News's Avatar
#8 - PS3 News - 265w ago
Would it work for the DS3 as well? Would the rumble be enabled?
You may want to check this one out instead for that:

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