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Guide: How to Unbrick Your Nintendo Wii Console

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292w ago - This is a TUT to unbrick your Wii with the internal Rescue Menu. You can do this with and without Starfall.

Without Starfall you have to MOD a GC Controller to press all 4 ways of the digi pad to same time and you need a Original Game Disc with a update on it, higher as your installed FW. If you have a Modchip set to autoboot disc's than you can use a backup instead of a Original disc. For Starfall you dono need to MOD your GC Pad.

And you could use Backups if the disc size will match the 4,37GB. I self have testet the semi unbrick disc but it does not work without a modchip. There for I made the "Universal Unbrick Disc" becouse the disc will match the 4,37GB and it hase the FW 3.3 update + the WAD Manager as main.dol in the game partition.I will show you how to start both rescue menu's, with an without starfall and i will use the universal unbrick disc with starfall to upgrade (unbrick) my Wii to FW3.3.

When you could use it?

If you run into a brick and your Wii does not start the menu any more but will boot (green led and spinning drive) you have a good chance to be able to start the Wii internal rescue menu to install a FW update or the system menu.wad + IOS via WAD Manager what will unbrick your Wii if you lucky. If your Wii does not boot any more than your only chance will be Nintendo or a pre-dumped NAND image of your consoles flash chip.

Lets start with the normal Recue Menu Methode:

Open up your GC pad useing a triwing scruew driver.Before you open the pad turn around than open it.


Take the digi pad part of and in the center cut of the nipple.On my picture it will be allready cuted of.


Put all back together and connect it to port 4. The next step will be a little bit tricky. You need the correct timing to boot into
the Rescue Menu. Under FW 3.2 you will see nothing more than a blank black screen. On FW 3.2 and higher you will see a FW x.x down in the
right corner. Here a Vid of booting the Rescue Menu with normall method:

The Starfall Rescue Menu Methode:

To use this you must have installed the Starfall rescue menu hacks.Than just connect the GC pad to port 1 and press "Y" duoring bootup. Hier a Vid of it in action:

Unbrick your Wii:

Now we know both methodes i will go on and upgrade my CFW 3.2 Wii with my Universal Unbrick Disc to a FW 3.3 Wii.
Hier the Vid:

As you can see it hase not installed the update but started the WAD Manager.Even better becouse you could choose the wad you want to install!

My Universal Unbrick Disc will be set to autoboot and i forgot that this will disable the update and directly load the main.dol from the second partition.

This works on my Softmodded Wii with CFW and Starfall installed.It should also work with a Modchip (even with no autoboot seted) and no Starfall installed.

Anyway with the WAD Manager you will be secured but i want to find a IOS to set the partition to load what will be present on every Wii. Becouse last time i haved a wii without the IOS35 what the second partition of the uud will be load and i cant start the WAD Manager even the app reload the IOS249.

Before reloading IOS the IOS from the game partition must be present to be load into the ram.I will try it with IOS4 what will be the
update driver and present on every wii. If it works i will reupload the uud.

-Good Luck in Unbricking your Wii-

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cfwprophet's Avatar
#76 - cfwprophet - 229w ago
Then you have done a manuel update im guess.If you do a update via the nintendo server you will have a boot2 v4.But if you install the IOS and SYSMENU via a WAD Manager then your safe and hold your exploit able boot2

As long you have bootmii as boot2 installed your safe.You can reinstall a NAND Backup or simply go into the HBC and use a WAD Manager to reinstall the needed IOS.

The custom main menus are not so good for what i know.But it can also be done with the normal menu with a little bit more system hacking.I wanted to do that but know i dono have a lot of time to work on it and the comp here is very slow.And one of the main probs will be that the wii tryes to load all banners for the channels douring boot up.Im guess that if the RAM reach his limitation the wii will stop like for a banner brick.

toontje's Avatar
#75 - toontje - 229w ago
OOPS! I did update that secondhand Wii to FW 4.2U because it is what the completesoftmodguide site recommends.

BUT, I ran into 10 bannerbricks or so the last couple of days and bootmii starts just fine giving me the chance to uninstall the corrupt wad/ channel.

Just one silly question: Suppose that I mess around with IOS smaller than 200... say IOS60 which will lead to a complete brick. Will the bootmii in boot2 run to give me the chance to restore the nand back? Because I was thinking to update the menu to something that can hold a lot more channels. But that would mean messing around with very critical IOS'es right?

I heard about a custom main menu that can hold 200 channels but I forgot where I can find it, and is it safe?

Also, I want to load my multi games GC backups with color from the disc launcher. I heard something about Darkcors cios? Is it safe or necessary? Are there better alternatives except NEO GAMMA?

Thank you for your previous respond.

cfwprophet's Avatar
#74 - cfwprophet - 229w ago
AT Gargy81
Without Custom System IOS you cant boot a Hombrewed Disc.Even with a modchip it wont work.

AT kamal1948
No sorry no chance.

AT toontje
Do not update this Wii with a exploit able boot2.Otherwise the boot2 will be also updated.

And yes, do a NAND dump after installing everything will save your current state.

toontje's Avatar
#73 - toontje - 229w ago
So, I returned my kid's Wii to the shop and they took it in for 'repair'. Meanwhile I ordered a second hand Wii on Amazon.com and it turned out to be quite a find. I could install Bootmii as Boot2.

So... that means my Wii is unbrickable no matter what? And after I installed a bunch of wads/ channels, should I make a nand backup again? Is the Nand backup the state of which the Wii is in including channels, time and date etc etc?

toontje's Avatar
#72 - toontje - 232w ago
OK, I'm a total noob at this so bear with me. I bought a Wii for my 7 year old son's birthday last month. I did all the patches and hacks except preload. Because this wii is new with the 4.2U and DC3-2 and all, I've read on various sites that installing preload would cause problems. Needless to say I can't solder the mod chip in it

Last week I patched ios60 (because I wanted the channels to run from SD) then a few hours later I read that ios70 is the one I should patch, which was easily accomplished from DOPmii. So yeah, I have ios60 patched and ios70. The reason I didn't unpatch/ restore ios60 is that I wasn't experiencing any problems, so don't fix if ain't broke.

Anyway, I've started adding wad channels of backed up games. Made the wads with loadstructor and it all went fine until yesterday when I made the fatal mistake it seems, to change the option of patching the video to console instead of the default value. After installing the wads I've got this banner brick. I have a ddr dance mat so I can boot easily in savemefrii (shows 4.2U at lower right corner).

Until now I've burned 3 dvd's (bootable wad manager, bootable deleteanytitle and bootable bootmii) None of it works. I have a nand backup. None of the dvd's will boot. I've tried to insert Wii Sports to see what will happen, and the 4.2u disappeared after the disked spinned. But with the other rescue stuff I can't boot those.

Now I've read about the universal unbrick disc v3 but I can find it anywhere to download.
My question is:

1) Why can my wii boot the dvd's? Is the the way I burnt the dvd? (default settings imageburn) or is it that myWii CAN'T boot any DVD's because of the chipset situation I read here and there?

2) Could you provide me with a workable link to the universal unbricker v3? I think the megaupload link is down.

On a final note, if all else fails, I will try to take the wii to the store (less than 1 month old) and claim it just stopping playing. Maybe I can get a new one according to the warranty. But if so... should I install preload the next time?

Sorry for the long rant and any help is appreciated bros.

OK, I wasn't alert enough to notice that those files UUDv3 WERE the Universal Unbrick Disc and the last resort unbrick disc. OK, so I burnt the UUDv4 and the LCUD. But in the maintainance prompt (4.2(USA) in the lower right corner), the discs still won't boot. Has it something to do with IOS30 that I kept reading about??

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