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Guide: Convert XBox Live Arcade Demo to Full for 360 Homebrew

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250w ago - With the recent XBox 360 freeBOOT v0.02 and XBReboot v0.05 releases comes more progress today.

Surazal has revealed that the difference between a demo and full XBox Live Arcade game is only a few hex-edit away, as follows:

Arcade Demo to Full Converter (ADFC) v0.1 is the Xbox 360 Arcade Demo to Full Converter.
Yaris-Swap v0.02 is a program that will patch any Xbox360 arcade game or downloadable content from a trial version to the full version.
•Find a copy of Yaris (this game was chosen as it runs everywhere as full).
•Open the pirs file in your favorite hex editor (filename was FB9310B8893A3FD01C443A29AC246493393E399558 )
•Copy everything from 0x22C to 0x25F inclusive.
•Shown as selected on this image below (guess you don't need to find Yaris if you want to just copy the values highlighted).
•Open your destination (in my case Castle Crashers filename: F9432A7FE407A3C196C95D0FFD4A540937FD4EEC58) select 0x22C, and paste (overwrite, not insert). File size should NOT change.
•Now you can burn the game to a cd. Fails to load from the HDD so far.

Example for Castle Crashers the path on the CD would be (other games should go in the folder you copied them from):


The CD should show as Mixed Mode disc when inserted into the 360 You can find the games in the Games Library (where normal arcade games go).

Your edited file should now run as a full version on XBR_1. Tested so far With Castle Crashers and UNO both were downloaded on a different console with a different gamertag.

Have fun. I imagine this will probably work for DLC as well but have not tried it yet. Still playing around.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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moja's Avatar
#19 - moja - 139w ago
No. You need another method to inject the games and hacked profile onto a usb drive, then play it. Searching will reveal sites that offer downloadable packages (games and profile).

drix93's Avatar
#18 - drix93 - 140w ago
can this work if the xbox dvd-drive is modified to read burnt discs and the xbox itself not modified?

PS3 News's Avatar
#17 - PS3 News - 239w ago
Here is another update to Yaris-Swap v0.7c for those interested.
YarisSwap is a simple program that will patch any Xbox360 arcade game or downloadable content from a trial version to the full version. Requires freeBOOT or similar hack.

New in v0.7c:

* fix FTP XUID size (v0.7a)
* Now recognizes and handles in the avatar items in director 00009000/xxxxxxxx differently (v0.7b)
* added Options panel for FTP and XUID (v0.7b)
* added XUID functions panel with Save (12 chars detected by the application) and Load buttons (v0.7b)
* Will recognize XUID and add to the viewlist (v0.7b)
* Added Save Load button in the FTP functions panel (v0.7b)
* Removed the Hex mod - Swap - Send FTP button, found in the Options panel (v0.7b)
* Fixed FTP bug (c-revision)

PS3 News's Avatar
#16 - PS3 News - 249w ago
For those who have been using it, here is Yaris Swap v0.3 attached.
zouzzz released a new version of Yaris Swap, an application that will unlock XBLA demos/DLC for homebrew Xbox360s (freeBOOT/XBReboot).

What's new/fixed:
* now scan directory and subdirectory
* added listview with name, status, type..

auronx's Avatar
#15 - auronx - 250w ago
Quote Originally Posted by effbee View Post
Yes, you need the FreeBoot or XBR (XboxReboot) since they run a hacked kernel that doesn't check signed programs, so no it's not possible on an unmodified 360.

thanks for the reply, these exploits will make the 360 totally awesome...

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