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GDC 2009: Next-Gen XBox Confirmed by Developer

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300w ago - Exciting news for gamers - Microsoft is deep in the development process for the successor to the Xbox 360 games console, it's been revealed.

To quote: One of the first credible reports on the topic, Blizzard's Rob Pardo has confirmed that his company has taken part in talks with Microsoft about the next-next-gen console.

That Microsoft will launch another console at sometime in the future isn't exactly rocket science, but this news suggests the company plans to replace its current 4-year-old system soon.

Speaking at a lunch at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Pardo did not provide hardware details - only that Blizzard is "actively in discussions with Microsoft" about the new gaming hardware.

Blizzard is the publisher behind the World of Warcraft games, and Pardo reported that he suggested to Microsoft that the next model should have improved input devices that would allow real-time strategy games (and the like) to be better ported to consoles.

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#9 - mihaiolimpiu - 300w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by D3M0N2009 View Post
I recon the only reason they have come up with a new Xbox is because of the RRoD problem on the 360, which they can't seem to fix.

Wahahaha right!!!! RROD FTW!

Quote Originally Posted by Dark Horizon View Post
Me thinks somebody doesn't know what next gen means. Using the definition you are apparently using, Atari2600->N64 were all the same gen since they all only ran at 480i.

The comparation you are using actually proofs me right because Atari 2600 run at 192x160 pixels - displaying it in 480i (upscaling if you wish) and Nintendo 64 run at 256 224, 320 240 and 640 480 pixels with a few games at even stranger resolutions even!

SO YOU SEE EVEN N64 WASN'T NEXT gen compared with the PS2 by example even if the TV was always in 480i display!

#8 - D3M0N2009 - 300w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
I recon the only reason they have come up with a new Xbox is because of the RRoD problem on the 360, which they can't seem to fix.

#7 - Dark Horizon - 300w ago
Dark Horizon's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mihaiolimpiu View Post
That is not even remotely possible, considering none of the current consoles are even next gen! Neither console, XBOX 360 or PS3 has the power to run full detail games (let's just not mention here Wipeout HD and some other games) at full HD but only on 720p Res or even sub HD res and then upscaled to 720! Remember the Xbox does this job much better than PS3 because of the HANA/ANA scaler chip!

Do you really think Microsoft will develop a console that is crappier than current gen XBOX?!?! Don't think so!

I mean... The Xbox is like on par with the PS3 now.. Do you think the XBox 720 will be too???

Me thinks somebody doesn't know what next gen means. Using the definition you are apparently using, Atari2600->N64 were all the same gen since they all only ran at 480i.

#6 - mihaiolimpiu - 300w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Exactly it's MY OPINION! and for the record I never stated the PS3 cannot go up to 1080p, I even mentioned a native Full Hd Game - Wipeout HD!

So please don't be so hasty in classifying my posts as WRONG! Although you got me on one point, I'm extremely emotional ATM because of this other thread! [Register or Login to view links]

#5 - CyanCaze - 300w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mihaiolimpiu View Post
Super White is not a scaler!!

"YPbPr: Superwhite on" is for certain TVs or PJs only but won't hurt anything so enable it just in case your TV/PJ supports it. To test this just press info on your remote and you will see games run in 720p and not 1080p! -> I know you could FORCE your games to run in 1080p only res, but most of them just don't even start if you only select 1080p!

SCEI only gave access to hardware accelerated horizontal scaling. Horizontal scaling on its own cannot upscale a 720p image into 1080p/i --this would require both horizontal and vertical scaling. This scaler is only accesible to devs and not end users!

YOU do your research first and not fanboy comments!

Oooh and by the way I own a first gen PS3 Pal 60 Gigger with ps2 BC running on a LG FULL HD 94 cm LCD!!! Yes Full HD!!! And I own more then a dozen games!! (That is alot here and considering I'm 28)

P.S.: "The 360 is at it's full potential and the PS3 isn't yet. So I don't understand how you can say the 360 is just as good. ??!?" Where do you get this stuff out?!?!? You make me sound like a XBOX BOT - which I'm not! But just saying my system is better than yours because I own mine and you don't is just plain wrong!!!
Pardon me I thought super white was a upscaler since everyone I have talked to about it says it is.

I make you sound like a 360 tool because that's basically what you are acting like. The PS3 can go full 1080P and to prove this I have played a console with such settings.

However for you to say not all games run in 1080P isn't really Sony's fault. They added it as a option, and honestly it's up to the Devs to run with it.

My point is the PS3 can go full HD, for you to say it cannot is just a lie.... However full HD depends on your opinion. They already have 2160P Tv's that Sony hooked 2 PS3's together to run a game at that setting. These are not available to the general public yet, but they still exist.

Since when the PS3 came out 1080P was the highest TV out possible, I wouldn't expect it to go any higher. Up scaling or not.

I was merely pointing at with my post that it would be funny if that happened. 1: PS3 isn't at it's full potential yet. and 2: Microsoft isn't a hardware company, they are a software so Sony will always have the edge.

I was merely stating that it would be funny, so stop getting so emotional please. It's opinion, and opinion's are different.


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