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GameStop Employee Confession: Corporate Makes Me Do It

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295w ago - According to Loot-Ninja, an employee of GameStop apparently told a shopper that "I know it's shady, but corporate makes me push the cheaper knockoffs because they make more money off of them" as he attempted to offer them a Logitech PS3 controller instead of an official one.

To quote: When my buddy asked for a PS3 controller, the clerk said "no problem" and moved toward the controllers section. He first showed us the Logitech version of a PS3 controller to which I responded, "I thought we were friends?"

The clerk laughed and looked at me and then pulled down an official PS3 controller. He then told me that he felt bad even offering the Logitech controller, which he admitted was cheaper in quality and would probably not last as long. I knew that already, but what he said next was interesting.

"I know it's shady, but corporate makes me push the cheaper knockoffs because they make more money off of them." Pretty messed up since if I wasn't with my friend, he may have been lead to buy an inferior controller just to save a few bucks and then regretted it in the long run.

How many parents fall into this trap on a daily basis just so that GameStop can make more cash? Sad that the employees are forced to do this as well. What do you think?

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idone's Avatar
#2 - idone - 295w ago

I have to strongly disagree, word of mouth will always be the best advertisement. And a customer that is completely satisfied and feels the salesperson had their best interest in mind is much more likely to to give recommendations to their friends and family.

With the case stated above, if they didn't happen to be friends and the customer would have been duped into purchasing the inferior game pad,..say it breaks and instead of telling 2 or 3 friends about his good experience with them he goes on bitching and moaning to everyone he knows for days telling them how he was recommended to buy a controller that was $5 or so dollars cheaper but it didn't even last a week..

More sales can be lost by a company trying to push what is more profitable in the short term than trying to build a loyal customer base and winning in the long run.

just my 2cents

glassmusic's Avatar
#1 - glassmusic - 295w ago
This is a bit of a stretch as far as 'news' goes. I mean, when I worked at Guitar Center, there were certain cables we pushed because Guitar Center actually owned the company that made them. We charged 15.99 for them (still cheaper than the competition, so customers thought they were getting a deal) while base cost was around a dollar fifty. This is how businesses make money. Ever have a waitress recommend drinks and an appetizer? Would you be SHOCKED to find out that it was because that's what the restaurant makes the most money on?? Of course not.

GameStop is an EVIL corporation, but as long as people continue to shop there instead of hopping online and getting the same items for less money (like you and your friend just did), they're going to stay around and try to make money wherever they can. It wouldn't make sense for them to do things any differently.

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