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Free60 JTAG Hack for Falcon XBox 360 Motherboards Released!

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258w ago - Today tmbinc has released the Free60 JTAG Hack for Falcon XBox 360 motherboards, to compliment the previous release for Xenon boards.

Download: Free60 JTAG Hack for Falcon Motherboards

To quote, from the NFO File: Finally the Falcon JTAG Hack is here This is newest XELL (compiled 05.10.09) inserted into 5770 Falcon-Kernel.

Don't wonder about the Filesize, its correct like that. It just flashes the beginning of the NAND so your console specific data like MAC adress will stay.

Of course you should have a working backup of your NAND before you proceed.

Just flash with:

nandpro lpt: -w16 falcon_hack.bin 0

nandpro usb: -w16 falcon_hack.bin 0

SMC-JTAG Hack Wiring

DB1F1 ---|(|--- J2D2.1
RFUnit 2nd row, 2nd Pin ---|(|---- J2D2.2
J2D2.4 --------- J2D2.7


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cfwprophet's Avatar
#6 - cfwprophet - 258w ago
ahhh ok but i thought that the dvd-key is also placed into the cpu like the cpu key itself.
And so i recognized that the cpu time attack doesnt dump the keys out of the cpu it dumps the key from the NAND via CPU time attacking.

Have totaly misunderstand this.
thx for clarify... im more in in the wii thingy

I have to appologize my self to evilsperm

tworok's Avatar
#5 - tworok - 258w ago
no mate, you probably misunderstood him..

he has an xbox360 which got it's drive firmware erased without having a dump, so he didn't have a way to know the drive key, and with this hack he's hoping he can make a dump of the mainboard nand, which carries the dvd-key, this way he can give good use for his xbox360 again

cfwprophet's Avatar
#4 - cfwprophet - 258w ago
yes you can get the drive key in the same way as the xenon

The "Drive-Key" is placed into the CPU also the "CPU-Key" or into the Drives hardware.What here is done will be a x360 Hardware Hack not a Drive Hack!!!

Thats completely diff.You only see a NAND and meaning it is the Drive's NAND?
This is the Main Board NAND and used for the System FW

Sooo... this is a x360 Hardware Hack and in same conditions like the psp cfw or the Wii cfw but with the diff that this will be the beginning.A nice small ELF loader and a few apps like emus and sms thingy are the only available one to time.

But just wait and relaxe... with time a x360 devkit will appear and HB apps like on the other both sys's will float the scene

effbee's Avatar
#3 - effbee - 258w ago
I am assuming that the ->| are diodes. Is that correct?
Yes those symbols are diodes.

evilsperm's Avatar
#2 - evilsperm - 258w ago
Please forgive my ignorance. Will this let me get my dvd drive key from my falcon motherboard in the same way the Xenon hack does? I am assuming that the ->| are diodes. Is that correct?
yes you can get the drive key in the same way as the xenon.

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