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First Windows 8 Details Leaked by Microsoft PC Maker Partners

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234w ago - This weekend Paul Thurrott at [Register or Login to view links] reports that the first Windows 8 details have been leaked by Microsoft's PC maker partners.

Below is a brief rundown the new Windows 8 details, with more details linked above for those interested.

App Store

Think iPhone App store or Android Marketplace but with a Microsoft twist. Rumored to be named Windows Store. I'm curious if this is cross platform with Windows Phone 7, and maybe 360 support?

Internet Explorer 9

Included with Windows 7 will be Microsoft's next generation browser. After looking thru the new tech demos for IE 9 I admit I'm not really excited for this. It still feels like they are playing catch up with Firefox and Chrome.

A leaked release date of August 2010 was seen. However browsers are personal, try the demo [Register or Login to view links].

Windows Live Wave 5

The only real details are it will ship with Windows 8. The Windows Live Wave 4 beta is available now, SYNC is a big improvement. Try it [Register or Login to view links].

Windows 8 Release Date

Currently Microsoft is aiming for a mid-2012 release, which leads to estimates of a first beta mid-2011, and a public beta late 2011.

PC Form Factors

Microsoft sees the market in three categories, "Lap PC", "Workhorse PC", and "Family Hub PC". Pretty similar to the market now.

Tailored Web Applications

Web based apps are one of if not the fastest growing software provider formats. Microsoft hopes to easily integrate this into Windows 8 and the Windows APP Store.

Human Presence Sensors (Kinect)

This is really exciting... well at least potentially. The GUI in Minority Report has had geeks dying for the wave my hands like a Jedi option for years. Kinect might just give us that.

The Kinect experience on the 360 will go a long way to prove the concept, but having your PC log you in by scanning your face and locking when you leave the room sounds nice!

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#13 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 233w ago
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by danzorezno View Post
I use Windows Xp, at the moment I am using my friend's laptop which has Window's 7, I don't like Vista, 7 or anything beyond that, and this current leak has got me more sympathetic rather than excited for M$, ah well...

Personally I prefer Mac, I've never used Mac but from what I can tell, it cut's out most BS that M$ has to 'offer' lol

Incorrect. I have used Mac, and while it does cut out alot of the bullshit that M$ offers, it replaces it with "Sauteed Mac BS." Then there is Linux, which also cuts out many other bullshits, and replaces it with Penguin crap. This is a never ending battle, and we all win because it forces competition.

#12 - danzorezno - 233w ago
danzorezno's Avatar
I use Windows Xp, at the moment I am using my friend's laptop which has Window's 7, I don't like Vista, 7 or anything beyond that, and this current leak has got me more sympathetic rather than excited for M$, ah well...

Personally I prefer Mac, I've never used Mac but from what I can tell, it cut's out most BS that M$ has to 'offer' lol

#11 - Pretikewl - 233w ago
Pretikewl's Avatar
I'm with xUb3rn00dlEx on this one. Win7 is a good OS compared to the others (or lesser of all the evils if you want to look at it that way).

If you have a decent/recent computer, Win7 really is the best choice. I've been using Win7 64bit for a while now and haven't had any major problems with it. Games are great. Movies are great. Load times for anything is pretty low to nonexistent (that prefetch seems to work well).

Keep in mind, when I say decent/recent, I mean at least two gb of ram (more is always better), a good graphics card (nvidia 8800 series or higher), and a good cpu (dual/quad core). If you have less than that, then yea, WinXP is probably more suited towards you.

I do agree that Win8 will proabably be just a tweak to Win7. Unless I see some benchmarks showing that Win8 > Win7, especially for gaming, I'm going to stay put with Win7.

#10 - Warrorar - 233w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by gamemaster14XIV View Post
Windows ME was a bit of a failure simular to Windows Vista. Both had alot of problems and werent too popular. I personlly couldnt see a new windows for another 3-5 years.

If anyone recalls correctly project longhorn which eventually came to be know as windows vista was in development for several years, so the only way we are going to see a new windows soon is if its a minor update kinda like windows 7 was to windows vista. I couldn't see a completely new windows.

as a software programmer i can tell you, there will never be a completly new sotware (in that case, windows). in the case of windows they always use the old kernels and improve them. also a software like an operation system is never completed. there are every time things to improve. things who have to be adjusted on the hardware or other software parts.

windows did some mistakes, but operating systems like me, xp or vista wasnt such bad. i worked long time with them and never hade problems. now i work on windows 7 64bit professionall and still have no problems. all ide's im using for developing my softwares are working fine, all my games are working fine, and all my movies are running smooth.

more my pc doesnt have to do. if i want a coffee, i go into my kitchen


#9 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 234w ago
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
LOL I love seeing paranoia gone wild. Do I trust Microsoft, not exactly, nor do I trust any large corporation for that matter. But the fact is, Windows 7 really isn't that bad of an OS. Sure it has its faults, but so does any Linux Distro, Mac OS, or any OS. Should a few faults turn you off from an OS? No. Everyone has their own preferences.

I have used Ubuntu as my preferred Linux distribution, and while I do love it, it does come short when I need to use it for college. It has come a long way, but its not there yet. I use W7 because it gets the job done for now. Is it the easier alternative? Yes, might not necessarily be better or safer, but it works for me. Do I wish Ubuntu had the functioning capabilities that W7 had? Hell yes, but until it reaches that goal, I have to stick to Windows 7 because it is what helps me get through my day without any *major* problems.

Again, it might not be the best, but I'll use it until Linux reaches the same level. As for Windows 8, I doubt it'll be a major revision. Just a tweak to the 7 OS, few additions, few subtractions. Nothing really important that would cause me to jump ship. I will try the beta when it becomes available, because I can't say I think its garbage if I hadn't tried it. My .02.


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