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Comparison: PlayStation Network vs. XBox Live Online Services

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300w ago - Here is a 5-round match between PSN and XBL. For each round, the contenders can get up to five points. The five rounds will be features, online play, ease of use, content, and bang for the buck.

Round 1. It's All About the Features

I think we all know which will get the higher score in this round. The PlayStation Network has improved rapidly since its debut. At first, compared to XBL, psn was like a little kid against a big adult.

Since then, psn grew to match a lot of the features that XBL had. I know many of you disagree with us when we say this, but Home is a nice thing to have on PSN.

The reason is that it is constantly evolving, and will soon catch up to what Sony promised from Home and more. Just like PSN... PSN was not what was promised during release, but caught up to those promises. Back then, I would have given psn a 2, but now PSN deserves a lot better. XBL hands down has more features, but PSN has just enough to live with. XBL - 5 PSN - 4.5 (.5 because of Home)

Round 2. Online Play

Both PSM and XBL offer amazing online play. There really is no difference in the online play of these consoles. One of the major benefit of PSN is that the games that use its dedicated servers are huge.

When was the last time you heard of any game on XBL that can handle 60 player online lag free. MAG is supposed to have 256 players. Thats what I call epic. For now, nothing has come to our attention that gives PSN the edge besides resistance, so both get: XBL - 5 PSN - 5

Round 3. Ease of Use

They both are very easy to use and they are very different. The XBL has everything integrated into the NXE. Its easy to see whats going on, what new games are released. The friends list is nice in both. The PSN has a separte section in the XMB for PSN.

It has downloads, life with PlayStation, Home, and the store. I have to say, if they didn't update the store to what it is today, they would have lost this section. Now for the negatives, XBL has preset values for the points. The minimum to charge on psn is $5. Both are bad ideas, so both get: XBL - 4 PSN - 4

Round 4. Content

This is a highly debateable one. Both XBL and PSN have a lot of content. But, PSN is able to have content like GT5: Prolouge and Warhawk, because it does not impose a limit.

Both have their fair share of small games, but psn titles like flower are titles you actually feel like paying for. Don't get me wrong, XBL has some great content which is why both get: XBL - 5 PSN - 5

Round 5. Bang for the Buck

I know what you're thinking... you think that we put this section here to boost PSN's score, but here us out. PSN is free, and thats the golden rule. For free, you get access to a lot of content, free online play, and Home. Although XBL charges $50, it is worth paying for, for everything that you get (headset, features, etc.).

Both would get 5's, but when the competition offers a better deal, you have to do something to beat it which microsoft has not done...(I'm looking for a Live price cut please) XBL doesn't deserve a four, so: XBL - 4.5 PSN - 5


Both have their ups and downs, but both are great. Don't be a fanboy, appreciate both. We're sorry if we upset anyone out there.

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#7 - otarumx - 300w ago
otarumx's Avatar
With the fanboy wars aflame I can see what the writer did there, he made it so the score would be even even if he did put more value to some things over others and ignored features on both consoles. I really don't have any disagreements I take online where I get it and don't really care if it's better on the other console as long as I can play whatever I want without huge lag or broken connections everything else is just icing on the cake.

#6 - Rocky5 - 300w ago
Rocky5's Avatar
I own both consoles and hands down XBL wins even if i have to pay £26 every 13months i wanted to play MGS4 with friends i couldn't i have to make a clan to do so but here's the catch i have to play the damn game online for 25hours total now xbox live has parties now where you can talk with up to 8 friends psn doesn't even have it with one i cant invite friends to games unless the game supports it unlike XBL i can invite in any game XBL is far superior than PSN in all ways and forms yeah its not free but as they all say you pay for what you get.

now as for download contents on the store side xbox i would say wins again more films more demos more of everything apart from past titles like you get ps1 games and also full titles but we get XNA where we can make our own games and sell them we also get some nice arcade games same with PSN but there are more on XBLMP granted its been out longer but that is no excuse.

also home shouldn't count as a feature considering it has no effect on online play its a separate app that is used to communicate with others you could say its its own little game even a second life clone.

i play more on xbl than on psn mainly because of the electric bill i now ow £400 and that only happens after i got the damn PS3 lol its a electric hogger don't get me wrong the pc and xbox 360 contributed but i don't play it much any more as its not as good as i was led to believe most games are on the 360 and most of my friends have a 360 and not a ps3 so its logical to buy them for the 360 but LBP is damn good that's why i bought a PS3.

my verdict it the person that wrote that comparison was a PS3 fanboy hands down he doesn't even meanshin any key features of the 360 that the ps3 doesn't even have.

this is just my thoughts on this subject.

#5 - dotISO - 300w ago
dotISO's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by takavach View Post


Both have their ups and downs, but both are great. Don't be a fanboy, appreciate both. We're sorry if we upset anyone out there.

That's the best thing i've heard about the PSNvsXBL comparision

#4 - gtxboyracer - 300w ago
gtxboyracer's Avatar

Quote Originally Posted by Darkskyva View Post
for the conent part i think xbox should have got a 4 or 3.5 because they have NO games like GTP or warhalk.

Whoops my bad, forgot all about that.. LOL my appologies.

Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
As with all articles, the source is linked on the Site News page... check here: [Register or Login to view links]

#3 - Darkskyva - 300w ago
Darkskyva's Avatar
for the content part i think xbox should have got a 4 or 3.5 because they have NO games like GTP or warhalk.


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