Wii D2C consoles now working with Argon Mod by Infectus!

332w ago - Infectus has shared a picture of their new Argon Mod for the Wii working with a D2C PAL Wii console.

To quote: Here first HIGH RES picture of ARGON 13 wires installed on a D2C PAL WII!!!

Many customers are asking in these days if ARGON is or not compatible with US and JAP WII... well teorically it works without any problem on them, this because all consoles have the same DVD controller, BUT the 100% confirmation will arrive this weekend, when we can test two consoles that are in arrival from US and JAP.

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#3 - neonarossa - 330w ago
Thanx for the fast reply....

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#2 - PS3 News - 330w ago
If it is, it would be at the manufacturer/reseller site above- HardStore.com

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#1 - neonarossa - 330w ago
Hi. I have the new Wii with the D2C Chip. Is the Argon chip for sale? It is a lot easier to install.. Thank You.... Neonarossa