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Video: Windows 8 Beta Build 7955 Leaked on Torrent Sites

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191w ago - The Windows 8 Build 6.2.7955.0 M2 has been leaked on to FTP server on BetaArchive according to one of the members there. This will soon lead to a public leak in the form of torrent file (available now).

This matured build according the member sports Ribbon UI, Application Folder, Immersive browser and full DWM. Other features like Webcam, TaskUI, PDF Reader etc can be unlocked preferably using the tools already available.

This is considered to be the un-traceable version of Windows 8 M2 namely 7955.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930. The [Register or Login to view links] of the very same build was circulating across the Web over the past few days.

You can download torrent from [Register or Login to view links].

Following are the details of leaked Windows 8 Build 7955 Milestone 2:

Build Name : Windows 8 Build 6.2.7955.0 Ultimate m2 (32-bit)
File Name : 7955.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930
ISO Size: 2.47GB (2,657,079,296 bytes)
ISO MD5: 40861A02CB14B0D2D7930910DB6CC6E4

P.S. I know it's outdated - like 4 days old, but somehow it was missed!

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#19 - barrybarryk - 191w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
why? I don't see the point in me signing up for dozens of different sites & forums to discuss things that are offtopic but of interest. Did anyone make you read the thread? True it's in the console news section instead of the old PC news section, which incase you haven't noticed, is gone.

Believe it or not quite a few members of the forum use PC's and a few of those might, just might, use windows OS's so it'll probably be of interest to these very few members.

#18 - xrayglasses - 191w ago
xrayglasses's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by saviour07 View Post
This site also posts news relative to other areas of technology, not just the PS3, and some people are interested in this kind of information.

in that case change the domain from "ps3news.com" to gamernews.com or adrevenuewhores.com

#17 - kmjansen83 - 191w ago
kmjansen83's Avatar
Because these versions of windows 8 are build on the kernel of Win7 of last september i believe wouldn't that mean it would be as stable as a normal win7 version?

#16 - barrybarryk - 191w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
no there is a 64bit version of XP it's just terrible and generally unsupported. As for a SSD I'd seriously reconsider using one, not as a replacement for old HDDs but as a supplement just grab a cheap small one and use it as a drive for your windows install, everything will be much much faster, quieter and draw less power. Not to mention even forensic departments can't recover deleted data from them if you're the more security conscious.

But the point is saying Windows 7 is worse than XP because it uses more resources is nonsense. It uses more resources because it's a much more complicated OS with vastly improved support. Windows 7 is evolutionary more than revolutionary obviously hardware designed for XP is going to run it poorly and hardware designed for windows 7 is going to run XP faster, it's a 10 year old OS, same as it'll run win95 at lightning speeds.

That doesn't change the fact that right now Windows 7 is a much better supported OS with more features.

Though back on topic and from what I've seen from Windows 8 I wouldn't be suprised if the name changed before release as it looks more like it's designed to work in tandem with Win7 on tablets rather than replacing it on desktops. I might try get my hands on the build and give it a shot first though, it really depends on how invasive the touchscreen optimisations are on a desktop optimised version

#15 - zzk2001 - 191w ago
zzk2001's Avatar
If you have a Win Xp 64bit version you can do everything a Win7 can do just thought i put that out there seeing as i am running WinXp 64bit myself, But don't get me wrong Win7 is a nice OS and 100 times better then Vista.

I just hope they don't go messing it up with Windows 8.


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