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Microsoft Rep on XBox 360 RROD Issue: They Fed Us to the Lions!

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317w ago - More than a week ago, GamingConfidential reported that a Microsoft customer service representative foresaw an outbreak of the Red Ring of Death (RROD) issue once the New Xbox Experience becomes available.

While most scoffed at the idea, the prediction held true and MS service lines are white hot with calls from angry customers.

"I hate what the company did this year," says the rep. "They released the New Xbox Experience a few days after the extended warranty period ended for most users and it's tough to explain that to raging callers. How do you say that MS just screwed them all?"

He adds "our bosses really fed us to the lions this time. We're getting everything from crying kids to death threats from angry adults. It's an orgy, I tell ya."

The rep ended the short chat by lamenting how Xbox 360 owners are blaming the update for even the most far-fetched issues. An example, he says, is a call from a 32-year old man claiming that his house's power went out after updating.

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#8 - kablooey - 317w ago
kablooey's Avatar
Sure most games for the 360 are good, but most of them are for PC and the rest are out for the PS 3 too. And not to mention that the really good games are newer versions of series that started in the PS 2 ( Devil May Cry, Armored Core, Dragon Ball Z, etc, etc, and Microsoft are paying desesperately to the companies to make them release those games in the 360 )
But as for the system itself...

I can't believe that Microsoft continues releasing a new version that fix the problems of older ones, when this just come out with a new problem. But the most unbeliable thing is the people that bought it and support it. I'm not saying that Microsoft is stealing the money to the people with the 360, but I rather the PS 3, it's more reliable.

#7 - DMagic1 - 317w ago
DMagic1's Avatar
I think most people getting a new unit now are in much better shape. I have both systems and the 360 is great. Its too bad that a rushed product and last minutes changes kept it from being a rock solid system. It has great games and features. I still play the 360 more than my ps3. I think its my established community online that has the edge.

#6 - mihaiolimpiu - 317w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
I bought it new, from an online store. But as we are from an ex-communist country, so are the laws here. Really light usage by the way, I'm hooked more on the Linux part than the GAMEOS part

Yeah, probably PS3 failure rates are not that high as I suggested but just a measly 0.03?!?!? NO WAY! I love my PS3, I live for it but it's a very complex machine, it HAS to be higher!

One explanation could be that the base hardware keeps on going, but HDD could fail, the card reader ports, Wireless, The sixaxis by itself, etc... Much of this is just going unannounced and therefor that ridiculously low failure rate!

On the other hand: HHEHE, Bwahhaha, Uhuhuhu, that is all I can say to a Xbox 360 owner who's box just crapped out on him!

#5 - sapphireforever - 317w ago
sapphireforever's Avatar
Xbox has great games I would like to play, but it's this kind of thing that kept me away to buy one of them. Who has time to keep replace the unit.

#4 - Timeblast - 317w ago
Timeblast's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jro121782 View Post
I guess that is why you should buy a ps3. 0.03 % failure rate and HOME will be released very very soon.

I agree that surely the PS3's failure rate cannot be this low. But, Sony's customer support in the UK is excellent. When I had a problem with it, they replaced mine with a refurbished unit on my doorstep in 2 days. Wheras when my 360 got the RROD it took 3 weeks to have it repaired, plus I had to pack it up myself.


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