Video: Free60 - New JTAG Hack Booting Off a Cygnos360 NAND

245w ago - Today xZool2k9 has released a video demonstrating the upcoming Free60 Homebrew Exploit for XBox 360 consoles.

The video is available below, and to quote from the caption:

This is the confirmation that the hack announced by Tmbinc is actually working. I have used a sample Cygnos360 V2 I got from Team Cygnos and flashed the hack onto the second NAND. The onboard NAND was untouched by that.

As you can see I can still switch to the NXE dash. When switching to the NAND onboard of Cygnos the blue LED lights up on the USB daughter board. I can then boot straight of that NAND.


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Preceptor's Avatar
#10 - Preceptor - 245w ago
Sorry mate, I was a little bit rude because I was really pissed off x360 owners get to have a hack and we don't. The thing is that I bought my ps3 to be a complete solution. I wanted to play my games, all right, but I also wanted something that a friend of my that owned a modded Xbox (the original one) had for a long time. He would connect to his shared folders in his pc and just browse the files there and play directly on his tv, streaming from the network as if he was using a computer and accessing files over LAN, all due to his homebrew media player.

The thing is, softwares that stream content to the ps3 like the ps3 media server or Tversity, or nero they reencode the content on the fly and send them to the ps3. They give you 2 options : The first one is making an excessively high bitrated video that has almost lossless quality comparing to the original... But the bitrate is, as I stated, too high. Even a DVD that has a lot more bitrate than xvid or h264 files, has the capacity to be streamed untouched over a 15 - 20 Mbps wireless connection, working perfectly fine with no glitches.

But since these media servers increase the bitrate too much, you can't stream them untouched on the fly. The second option those encoders give ya is to degrade the quality so it can fit on my "tiny" wireless conection (I must state again that almost everything would fit this band perfectly if they weren't reencoded) and thay makes me sooooo mad you wouldn't believe.
So, as I said, I can't afford another video game console for the time being (and probably won't be able to for a long time).

So lets hope for ps3 hack soon all right? If It takes too long, well... it happens, doesn't it?

adrianc1982's Avatar
#9 - adrianc1982 - 245w ago
Sorry bud but speak for yourself... 200 bucks is a lot of money to me and I won't buy another console.

preceptor, hobbys are expensive and let me tell you this hobby is by far one of the cheapest ones you can find around. Im not saying that 200 dlls is spare change, dont get me wrong, 200 bucks are 200 bucks.

And about the media center you go to all that trouble of reencoding and stuff because you are using the wrong tool. For media center you should get a computer that runs xbmc or plex, if you cant get that or dont want to use a computer look for a standalone media player. There are great stand alone media players like the WDHD (i think thats the name) that best buy sells for around $200 bucks.

Again it all boils down to money but this is a hobby, and if you dont want to spend then look the best reencoding app you can get your hands on and reencode and dont spend a dime. Sure it would be nice to have a solution for you and have a hack, but believe me some of the coders have spent thousands of dollars to get a hack for us.

Please dont get me wrong a ps3 hack would be great for educational purposes and fun but we dont have one and if the scene gives us lemons then we should make lemonade. Cheers buddy.

Preceptor's Avatar
#8 - Preceptor - 245w ago
What do you mean?
I really think it won't ask to update anymore after you install the hack from free60 but still it's just a guess.

dotISO's Avatar
#7 - dotISO - 245w ago
I guess that after you install the hack you won't be asked to anymore :P
Just a guess

Wrong. This isn't a custom dashboard.

Preceptor's Avatar
#6 - Preceptor - 245w ago
I guess that after you install the hack you won't be asked to anymore :P
Just a guess

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