Retail Pics of XBox 360 Arcade/Elite Surface, Pro Discontinued?

245w ago - Today caliblue15 of BlueRayCenter Forums (linked above) has received some alleged retail pics of the XBox 360 Arcade/Elite from an anonymous Best Buy insider.

They beg the question if Microsoft is indeed discontinuing their XBox 360 Pro SKU for just the XBox 360 Arcade and Elite console versions.

However, some speculate the XBox 360 Pro won't be gone as it's still listed as '2013' with the XBox 360 Elite as 'out of stock' at Best Buy by August 30th.

That being said, according to caliblue15's source the new XBox 360 Elite is supposed to hit store shelves by August 30, 2009.

Based on the pics (below), it also appears as though the Audio/Video cable provided with the XBox 360 Elite will no longer be an HD cable. Instead, just a standard definition composite cable may be supplied... only time will tell for sure.

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#1 - WaIsaiah32 - 244w ago
This sounds like just another way Microsoft robs people of there money, and i guarantee that the prices of microsft hd cables will rise. Another thing i have noticed is that good hd cables other Microsoft cables dont work too well with the 360, so well see how this turns out