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E3 2009: Microsoft Unveils Motion-sensing Project Natal

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290w ago - Microsoft has unveiled Project Natal, which features a motion sensing camera.

Stephen Spielberg demoed it on stage and says it will recognize "your entire being".

Although it's "not reinventing the wheel because there's no wheel at all", Microsoft plans to make games as accessible as possible, as it will work with the Xbox Dashboard, recognizes your face, and signs you in automatically.

Games using the camera were demoed.

3D Breakout where body controls the ball, and you can move arms, legs, head and kick the ball and it detects the speed and power of the hit.

Comparing itself to the Wii, Microsoft says that this is done up off the couch, with Waggle commands.

Another demo called Paint Party uses body and voice to "express inner creativity" by splattering paint onto a canvas. Just say the color you want and the game adds it.

No date for the camera yet, but it's still being shown behind closed doors to developers.

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#13 - Mike85 - 290w ago
Mike85's Avatar
I have to agree with Sony in saying some things just need buttons, think pulling a trigger for shooting a gun. I dont think that would feel right holding nothing at all.

If Natal does take off, i can see Microsoft releasing a load of add-ons to be paired with Natal's motion sensing, such as a wireless gun controller or other such things... not a bad earner if you ask me

#12 - kakarotoks - 290w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
haha, this is just funny... I mean, I watched the ps3 motion sensing tech video first, and I was really shocked/surprised/wow-ed... then I watch this, I heard about this project natal and I thought it would be really something that matches with what Sony did, and.. well.. I was quite disappointed! I mean, this is just an 'ad', nothing works there.. and it just can't be that easy.. voice recognition? please, they said that for vista too and they even failed miserably to actually demo it! voice recognition has its limitations and it will not work as easily as they shown it.. same for object/face recognition, the tech they are proposing is at least a few decades too early, it can't be done, not at this moment anyways...

Maybe they've shown something at E3 apart from this ad, I haven't seen the video yet, but either way, i'm sure they couldn't demo everything they've shown in the video..

I think that sony and microsoft should try and tap into the wii's market, it's a good market and it's normal they try to take it.. as long as it doesn't become their primary concern, making hardcore gamers disappointed!

I think sony's motion sensor is incredible, really cool, but I really don't know if any game will use it or if it will know how to use it.. we'll see!

my 2cents.

#11 - Phreakuency - 290w ago
Phreakuency's Avatar
Nice technology for sure but there's a few problems.

1. Not actually, physically holding anything in your hands is strange, possibly more stupid than 'waggling a remote'.

2. Will it ever progress beyond the gimmicky Eye Toy type interaction? I mean, Sony showed real gameplay and MS show a brick breaker game and make comment that it keeps you active and 'fit'?

3. MS have tried this, 'let's copy the success of our competitors' thing before with Scene It (Buzz influence) and Lips (Singstar) and have pretty much failed so will they even make proper use of the tech and will they get decent support from devs?

#10 - sorceror - 290w ago
sorceror's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
casual gaming is the wii's forte, Micro$oft & $ony should invest money in new technology instead of making expensive knockoff's.

Yes and no. MS And Sony really want a piece of the Wii's action. (Who wouldn't?) If they can come up with something equivalent, that's not too expensive, then they can sell their consoles as "like a Wii, only better, 'cause it does all this other stuff the Wii can't".

I dunno if that'll work, but MS & Sony would be silly not to try.

#9 - supra21 - 290w ago
supra21's Avatar
i wonder what sony have in store for E3, 360's conference was impressive. A new psp and slimmer PS3 just anit gonna do it.


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